Unable to install.

  Tazfan 09:45 27 Jan 2009

I have downlaoded it, burned it to DVD, changed boot priority in BIOS, but the disc in, and rebooted.
I dont get the option to boot from disc. It just boots iup as normal into XP.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,


  Tazfan 09:46 27 Jan 2009

Forgot to add that I have created a 60Gb partition to install it to.

  iambeavis 10:08 27 Jan 2009

Have you created a bootable disc or just burned the .ISO file to disc?

  crosstrainer 12:44 27 Jan 2009

Boot your machine normally.

Insert the ISO image DVD

Install 7 using the Advanced option to ensure you install to your newly created partiton.

DOn't boot from the iso dvd.

  Tazfan 13:10 27 Jan 2009

All I did was burn the ISO to disc,

crosstariner, how do I initialize installation?

  crosstrainer 13:16 27 Jan 2009

1) Boot normally

2) Insert the burned DVD into your drive (should autorun) If not start it by double clicking it in my computer

3) IMPORTANT! let the installer start, enter your key (you have to obtain this from Microsoft via email) Choose ADVANCED install and select the newly created partiton.

Should now install

  iambeavis 13:30 27 Jan 2009

"All I did was burn the ISO to disc,"

If you just burned the .ISO to disc it won't work as you need to create a bootable disc from the .ISO. If that is the case - download "BurnCDCC" ( second one down ) and use it to create a bootable disc -

click here

  VOT Productions 15:03 01 Feb 2009

Did you burn it bootable
Nero has that option

  Tazfan 20:10 01 Feb 2009

Sorted. In a moment of stupidity. I just burend the ISO. I have done it now using Nero.
Thank you loads.


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