Unable to get Internet

  standard8 13:35 15 Jul 2008

I've been on BT Broadband for a few months and never had any problems.I don't know what I've done wrong but now I can't get onto Internet.I've probably checked or unchecked something I shouldn't have.What I would really want to know is;when I first got my laptop,I created a Recovery DVD.If i use this and go back to when I first got my laptop,and start from scratch with the CD I got from BT to reinstall,will this work and connect me on Internet.I know that I will lose programs,photos,etc.that I have installed since then,but I am not really bothering about this.Thanks for any advice you can give me.I've tried all the usual ways to get back onto Internet,but none of them have been successful,so I,ve had to borrow my daughter's laptop to get onto the forum.

  mrwoowoo 13:46 15 Jul 2008

If it's something you may have done,it would be better to try a system restore first, as a return to factory settings is a bit drastic just yet.

  peter99co 14:38 15 Jul 2008

How do you connect to broadband? Through cable or wireless? Do you plug in the laptop via ethernet.

  standard8 15:15 15 Jul 2008

Thanks for your replies.I have tried a system restore but it has made no difference.Also,I have tried both wireless and ethernet.I know it is drastic what I am asking bit I've tried everything else and it doesn't worry me going back to factory settings as long as I know it would work.I connect to Internet through a BT Home Hub and I know that isn' faulty since my daughter's laptop is O.K.When I tried to get onto Internet,I got a box saying "Connecting through WAN Miniport(PPPOE)",Then got a bow Error 815.The remote server is not responding>Could be Invalid value for the "Service Name" field for this connection.Get correct value for this field and update it in the connection properties.

  mrwoowoo 16:51 15 Jul 2008

Did the problem happen after installing Vista updates? If so,you could try uninstalling it/them.
Have you tried turning your firewall off as Zonealarm for example can be troublesome with Vista.

  standard8 17:02 15 Jul 2008

I had been having problems with Norton 360 version 2.I was e-mailing them and following their link to uninstall then to reinstall.The problem started when I tried to reinstall.This is when I lost Internet.I have made problems a lot worse I've clicked on so many things now that I have lost where I was.This is why I am prepared to go back to using my recovery disc if I thought this would work.

  peter99co 17:21 15 Jul 2008

The Wan miniports came up on my machine when i uninstalled vista SP1. Where they there before?

  peter99co 17:25 15 Jul 2008

are you able to see what value the other laptop is using?

  standard8 19:45 15 Jul 2008

The answer to the first is I don't know.As to the second,I don't know where to find them on my daughter's laptop.Thanks for your response.
If I take a while to respond to any e-mails,it is because as I said earlier,I am using my daughter's laptop,and I can only get access to it when she isn't using it.I still would like to know if it,s o.k. to use the recovery CD.I'm not particularly worried about losing things.As long as I know I wouldn't be doing any harm to my laptop.

  peter99co 20:13 15 Jul 2008

I took an ME machine back to basics that had been used for 5 years. I saved all my documents and settings onto cd's . This included favorites email accounts info and even cookies. All were saved by using export and then when I restarted importing to restored machine. It is important to save as much info as possible especially passwords to access email accounts. Check out import/export (drag and drop is same) A recovery
may not remove everything as you may find a repair option available during recovery disc use.

A backup of photo,s to cd's is a good option and the same with documents. It is always a good idea to keep a copy off the machine anyway.

Do bear in mind that if you go back you will have to download all the Microsoft Updates. Make sure BEFORE you reconnect you have an intact Firewall installed and running.

  peter99co 20:15 15 Jul 2008

I think you should first check out on your laptop any info you can find about a repair option using the recovery disc you made. Vista will assist you to recover when the disc is put into the drive and instruction on how this is done should be contained in your laptop under Help and Support.

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