Unable to copy and paste

  kimtrnc 05:47 09 Feb 2010

I have tried all sorts of things, without success. I understand that I can't save to c:\, but I can't seem to copy and paste to ANY of my drives.

The only way I can copy something is to save to a USB stick, and then I can - usually - drag the file to where I want it.

I am sure it is something stupid that I have overlooked, but please, can anyone help before I shoot myslef....?

  Pine Man 08:26 09 Feb 2010

Before you shoot yourself could you give a bit more info like an example of how you are trying to carry out the actual save operation?

  anskyber 09:03 09 Feb 2010

Do you mean copy and paste or do you mean drag and drop?

  kimtrnc 11:04 09 Feb 2010

Anskyber, Both!

Pine man - If I am saving for example, a word doc, system makes up its own mind where it will save to. I then have to go looking for it, and more often than not the Search Programs & Files doesn't find the file I have just written.

If I want to copy a file to another location, I can't because the "paste" opton is greyed out.

  Pine Man 16:39 09 Feb 2010

Dealing first with Word documents. If you select 'save' the file should be saved automatically to the location that has been set up in your Word Options. If you select 'save as' you should be given the choice of nominating the location for the file to be saved to. Is this happening?

Dealing with your second issue. When you want to 'paste' something you obviously have to 'copy' it first. Are you able to 'copy'?

  kimtrnc 17:20 09 Feb 2010

Pineman - yes I can copy - as proved by my ability to copy to USB stick: it's the paste bit that I can't do. EG, if someone sends me a picture, or I copy part of a webpage, or download a file, I can copy them, but not paste.
It's very strange, and I am by no means a learner (Well, I am when it comes to Win 7!) Have been using computers since Vic 20, Sinclair Speccy etc since I was a young thing!

  Pine Man 19:08 09 Feb 2010

I have done considerable research on this and I am really no further forwards.

A lot of people who had problems with Word found that carrying out a 'repair' of the installation cured the issue.

Some reports of similar problems caused to users of Firefox, which weren't resolved other than by using a different browser.

Several sources suggest that the problem could be caused by malware or viruses.

Other sources suggest the problem could be caused by Internet Explorer.

Sorry I can't find the definitive answer.

ps I started on the Sinclair ZX81 ;-))

  a member 20:33 09 Feb 2010

I agree with Pine Man there are many threads online if you search the problem and in many cases mozzilla had recently been installed in some cases an upgrade to IE8 seemed to cause it ,other than to perform a full antivirus scan and possibly a restore to a time before the problem cropped up its hard to nail this one .ask yourself what (if any) software was updated or installed around that time and maybe it will point you in the right direction . , by the way I started with a tiny PC with windows ME ... so I think I deserve the most respect ,Ha Ha.

  rdave13 21:45 09 Feb 2010

Try sfc /scannow. Start, in search box type CMD. In the above list right click CMD and select 'run as administrator'. Type sfc /scannow press enter. Follow prompts if any.
Once completed reboot.
Remember the space 'tween 'c' and '/'.

  T0SH 13:16 21 Feb 2010

Mouse over to highlight then use Ctrl+C to copy then Ctrl+V to paste into a selected new location

Cheers HC

  jakimo 16:57 08 Mar 2010

I don't think merlinx has a clue what a Sinclair ZX81 is

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