Unable to 'configure' Windows updates since 'refreshing' laptop?

  cdy1 19:27 28 Jul 2014

My Dell Inspiron 3520 was going quite slow for unknown reasons so I decided to 'refresh' it using Windows advanced start-up setting. Since that time I have been unable to install Windows updates. Well, I can 'install' them, but they won't 'configure'. Once installed and 'configured' 100% I get an error message advising "Failure to configure updates. Reverting changes". The laptop then stay paralysed on that screen.

This only started to happen AFTER I "refreshed" my laptop, which was running Windows 8.1 pretty-much problem-free until a week ago. For know I have found a temporary 'fix' by disabling automatic updates; otherwise the laptop is constantly stuck on the "failure to configure updates" error page. I have done all the standard troubleshooting, including running MS Fix It, Dell Dr ('My Dell' found no hardware issues), MS Malware removal and my Mcafee anti-malware. All reported "no issues". I even tried to 'refresh' the laptop again two more times. over the weekend. I have also spoken to two Windows "technicians" and allowed one of them to remotely access my laptop. He found no issues or "violations". Obviously, the temporary 'fix' of turning off auto-updates isn't a long term solution, and 'refreshing' the laptop hasn't helped (it actually caused the issue).

I've spent hours and hours on this, watching youtube videos and reading through forum threads!

Please help! (I'm running Windows 8 on Dell Inspiron 3520.)


I'm guessing full format needed?

Thanks for reading.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:35 29 Jul 2014

cdy1, the first thing you need to do is to find the reason why updates are failing so head to Control Panel -> Windows Updates -> View Update History (top-left). Look in the "Status" column for any that show "Failed", and if you find one, double-click on the entry to view the details in a new window. Let me know what the failure code is. Do the same for another two recent failed updates.

If you can't find anything useful there then I can tell you how to use Event Viewer which may pinpoint the exact cause of the failures.

  cdy1 23:52 29 Jul 2014

Hi, Jock1e, sfc/scannow found no issues/violations and the 'my dell' scan shows no hardware faults.

  cdy1 00:28 30 Jul 2014

secret-squirrel - There is nothing there as I have disabled updates, so no updates have been downloaded/installed.

  cdy1 00:36 30 Jul 2014

Thanks, Jock. I don't know how to find/enable/disable 'Background Intelligent Transer Serivce'

  cdy1 10:22 30 Jul 2014

Hi again. Interesting that it doesn't exist. First thing on the alphabetised list in admin services is "component services"

  cdy1 15:14 30 Jul 2014

Spam? Why on earth would any person waste time posting such things if not genuinely asking seeking help? Yes, I have posted on several other forums, including the windows and dell support forums. Clearly I am trying to solicit a positive response to my PC problem, not "spam" a forum.

  Woolwell 15:27 30 Jul 2014

Go back to Secret-Squirrels advice. Enable downloads and then report what happens.

  cdy1 15:30 30 Jul 2014

Incidentally, I've just found 'Background Intelligent Transfer' through a youtube video. It was set to manual, but was 'running', so I changed the setting to 'automatic'

  cdy1 15:35 30 Jul 2014

@woolwell - If I do that then my laptop will try to install updates and I will be stuck with a blue screen with the error message "failure to configure updates". I can live for now without windows updates, but obviously disablement isn't a long-term solution. I had another windows tech look today remotely. Same advice as previous one, which was basically: "pay us $149 and we'll format your laptop for you and cover your OS for 1 year".

  Woolwell 15:43 30 Jul 2014

Are you now on Windows 8 or 8.1 upgrade? I would be tempted to refresh not saving data if you have everything backed up.

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