unable to boot vista on laptop

  stevere 21:55 30 Oct 2008

I’m unable to fire up my laptop due to the following message:
“Bootmgr is missing Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart”.

I’ve amended the BIOS setting to boot from the DVD/CD Rom first.
In that drive I have the original Windows vista Home basic Recovery DVD.
However when I attempt to boot up from here I’m presented with the same aforementioned message.

Can anyone offer any advice?

Many thanks

  Forum Editor 23:10 30 Oct 2008

that you run the Vista installation DVD and start the install process again.

When you reach the point where you're asked you if you want to install or upgrade click 'install'. The installer will detect your Hard drive and at this point you should cancel the installation, go back to the main menu and select 'Repair'. Then run 'Startup Repair' and the installer will proceed to fix the problem.

  skidzy 20:30 31 Oct 2008

As you have a recovery cd,you may not be able to repair,you will need to use startup repair from safemode.

Continually tap F8 once you press the computer start button,this will enter safemode and give you the option to repair.

Just incase ive misread your post and FE is correct,follow this click here

  stevere 11:53 01 Nov 2008

Thanks for both sugestions and the link. Having chnaged the settings to boot from the CD/DVD drive, the pc displays messages such as the ram available and "mouse initialsed" etc. However the "Bootmgr is missing" message appears straight after. After a very short pause the CDDVD disc drive fires up, and then dies with the "Bootmgr is missing " message still left on the screen. It seems I'm unable to break the cycle.

I presume the installation disc you refer to is the one I have which is the Vista operating system recovery dvd which allows you to replcce the OS on the computer. I also tried the repeated F8 intervention from startup but after a few minutes when I stopeed doing that it just reverted to the same "Bootmgr is missing" message. Why does the message appear before the recovery dvd has fired up?


  mocha 09:47 02 Nov 2008

Hi stevere,

Is the recovery DVD damaged, have you tried another bootable CD/DVD to see if that will bootup, if it's a corrupt/damaged recovery DVD try this to see if it will repair your bootmgr. click here

  mocha 10:39 02 Nov 2008

Hi stevere,

If your recovery DVD is not damaged then try the method below.

In the BIOS setup have you an option to disable any particular bootable media, if so disable your C drive. If there are a list of bootable media which can be changed in order of booting then leave out C:\ drive, change it to any other option pref. CD/DVD

  stevere 20:17 03 Nov 2008

I disbaled the hard drive as you suggested and have got round the bootmgr problem - Thanks.

However, I now have another issue. After running the vista repair utility I get the message "Startup repair cannot repair this computer automatically" When I view the diagnostics link it hows various "Problem signatures". Prob sig 6 in the list says MissingBootManager.

Any further guidance appreciated.

  mocha 21:09 03 Nov 2008

Hi stevere,

Have you gone back into the BIOS and enabled the hard drive.

  mocha 21:14 03 Nov 2008

Hi stevere,

Sorry should have read,

Have you gone back into the BIOS and enabled the hard drive. After running the vista repair utility and tried a re-boot.

  stevere 22:19 03 Nov 2008

Hi Mocha,
I did try that but to no avail. Since the repair didn't work I couldn't see how resetting the BIOS to boot from the hard disk would rectify the problem as it's from here where the problem emanates.

I hen tried to follow the instructions of the Forum Editor who replied earlier in this thread.
I then restarted the machine and reset the bios to boot from the hard disk. Same outcome.

How easy would it be to obtain/buy a brand new copy of vista home basic and overlay the hardisk with it?

  Antonio-1321059 08:29 05 Jan 2009

Greetings guys,
There was a same problem, having read topic has found the easy solution, thanks you!

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