Unable to access Livewire Airlines.

  anniesboy68 16:52 28 May 2015

My posting of a few months ago re this problem has been locked. So, I am posing again re unable to get to www.livewireairlines.com. Now, I have changed wireless accessibility to a Virgin Superhub VH2.5 When first installed I could, now I cannot not from this PC, my laptop or tablet. All other sites are accessible. Very frustrating and annoying. Any ideas? I have tried re booting the hub etc etc. AB68

  Secret-Squirrel 17:58 01 Jun 2015

Thanks for the feedback AB - it's good to hear that after seven months you're now able to access that site again :)

  anniesboy68 10:05 02 Jun 2015

Ah yes. thanks. But there is another problem now. I am unable to register a flight I have done. I am continually getting the message "the system has not yet authenticated your local time. Please try again in a minute" AB68

  Secret-Squirrel 16:43 02 Jun 2015

That's really disappointing news AB :(

I'm just guessing, but the error could be due to the website thinking you're in the Netherlands - or it may not be proxy-related at all.

I spent some time testing a few UK-based proxy servers but in one way or another your website didn't function correctly so I gave up on that.

All I can suggest is that you post your problem on the Livewire Airlines forum or use the "Contact us" link. It'd be worth mentioning something like "I'm having to use a Netherlands-based web proxy to access your site because I can't get to you at all via my normal Virgin Media connection"

Good luck.

  anniesboy68 11:21 03 Jun 2015

I did try the USA server but to no avail. I am going to give up on this, I can go and register with another virtual Airline, the is plenty about. I am 82 now and just cannot be bothered now with all this hassle. Still as I said in an earlier posting thank you for your help and patience with me. Nice to know about the servers though. AB68

  anniesboy68 16:22 20 Jun 2015

Just thought I would let you all know that I have just clicked on the normal link for the airline site, and blow me away it went and connected. Why, who knows!!!!AB68

  Secret-Squirrel 08:36 21 Jun 2015

..........I have just clicked on the normal link for the airline site, and blow me away it went and connected.

That's great news :)

Why, who knows!!!!

Virgin discovered they had a routing problem and fixed it. It'd be interesting to see if fellow sufferer Govanx can now access that site too (although sometimes those issues can be geographic).

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