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Unable to access Livewire Airlines.

  anniesboy68 16:52 28 May 2015

My posting of a few months ago re this problem has been locked. So, I am posing again re unable to get to Now, I have changed wireless accessibility to a Virgin Superhub VH2.5 When first installed I could, now I cannot not from this PC, my laptop or tablet. All other sites are accessible. Very frustrating and annoying. Any ideas? I have tried re booting the hub etc etc. AB68

  tullie 18:41 28 May 2015

Opens for me ok,Firefox.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:59 28 May 2015

"Won't open for me either."

That website opens fine for me. As you guys are both on Virgin Media connections it must be a problem with Virgin. Can one of you do this for me:

Open a Command Prompt window, type ping then hit enter. The first line of the output should look something like this:

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

What IP address (numbers in square brackets) do you get? If you get an error then let me know what it says.

  wee eddie 23:38 28 May 2015

I'm with BT - It loads OK

  Secret-Squirrel 08:15 29 May 2015

Thanks for that govanx. Your results are completely normal so it's not a name-resolution (DNS etc) problem.

Because both you guys are affected then it must be a routing problem on the Virgin network. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do to fix that. There is however a workaround and that's to use a proxy service such as this one. Simply enter the web address then click the yellow button. However there's a chance that some features of may not work as expected but I hope it helps.

  anniesboy68 09:41 29 May 2015

Thanks, all. Will have a chat with Virgin. AB68

  Secret-Squirrel 09:48 29 May 2015

"......but says it needs a plug in to display the content."*

I get that too so it's not a Virgin problem or one caused by using that proxy service. The missing plugin is the "Microsoft® Windows Media Player" for Firefox one. Anyhow, the missing content is just a short promotional video for that website so we're not missing anything important.

Good to see that you can now access the site - I hope the OP finds my workaround acceptable.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:12 29 May 2015

"Will have a chat with Virgin"

Good luck with that ;)

Seriously though, if a big website like the BBC or YouTube were affected then they'd do something about it. They're not likely to reconfigure their network routing for a less popular site that very few people access.

Did you not find my workaround acceptable?

  anniesboy68 15:15 30 May 2015

Secret Squirrel. Thanks for reply. No I have not taken up your workaround as [a] the link [this one in red] does not go and [b]I am a bit wary of the suggestion anyway. Cheers AB68

  anniesboy68 15:17 30 May 2015

Wary of using a proxy service.

  Secret-Squirrel 20:00 30 May 2015

Suit yourself then.

There's no risk in using a proxy to access that website.

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