UEFI ssd drive not seen in bios

  OCTCORE 03:50 21 Sep 2016

Hello there

After inadvertently removing the data cable from my ssd drive and booting the pc, I got the usual message 'Non bootable device found insert media' I booted again into bios and could no longer see the ssd drive, I powered off and opened the case to see I had knocked off the data lead to the ssd (the power lead was still plugged in) I reattached the cable, and booted only to get the above message again, I went into bios and could see the ssd, but not as a UEFI drive and thats that the pc will not boot, why would it, the drive is GPT partioned and set up as UEFI drive in the bios and has worked fine for over a year. I don't get it, nothing has changed, but as the ssd is setup as a UEFI drive if you select the ssd as a normal drive it won't boot. How does the bios loose the reference of how the drive is setup, just because it was unplugged ? With MBR you can plug - unplug all day long, I don't get why UEFI is so flakey ? I only opened the case to speed test another ssd.

  Jollyjohn 11:35 21 Sep 2016

Do you get "Boot Options" in the BIOS?

I get Legacy, UEFI - secure boot on, UEFI - secure boot off, or very similar. Also double check the order of the attached drives.

  OCTCORE 21:18 22 Sep 2016

Hello again, this has been fixed now with a BIOS update, I'm using a MSI Z87M gaming board and updated to .50 from .40 as soon as it finished flashing from the usb stick it rebooted and found the UEFI ssd a booted.

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