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  Audio~~Chip 22:08 13 Sep 2009


I am going to be buying a specialist programe which I will be running on Vista. Problem is advice from the software developer has advised me not to run UAC at and turn it off because of software installation and operation of the software.

Now, I thought and I ask is their away that I could safely leave UAC on and create some kind of a programme rule or admin user right so I can run it. have just been following the other post re Norton UAC but not relevent to me as I do not have norton I do have Kaspersky Internet Security 09.

Wondering again, if i have KIS 2009 then if I really had to turn off UAC in Vista would KIS not secure vista ?

  Forum Editor 23:55 13 Sep 2009

about turning off the UAC. Provided you have adequate anti-virus protection and you run a firewall and malware protection you should be fine.

  Audio~~Chip 00:26 14 Sep 2009

Being Genuine, you think its safe running with Vista UAC turned off ?

I was going to trust what Brundle say's in the posting here

click here

  Forum Editor 18:12 14 Sep 2009

I have several Vista machines that have been running for a year with the UAC turned off. There have been no ill effects so far. It's not something I worry about for a moment.

  Audio~~Chip 18:18 14 Sep 2009

Several is pleanty then for me to. Thank You!

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