two finger scrolling help windows

  Evan Winter 20:38 28 Nov 2016

I have a problem. I have inverse scrolling on my touchpad mouse so when I scroll up the screen moves up and same with down. However, when I scroll left the screen moves right and when I scroll right on touchpad, the screen moves left. I want the screen to move the direction I scroll on the touchpad. Is there a way to make this a reality? Thanks for the help.

  Archonar 10:06 30 Nov 2016

I don't think this can be done, at least not without a third party program, though I don't know if one exists that will do that. The 'inverse scrolling' inverts all scrolling so there is no way to specify a certain direction to invert. I'm afraid unless you can find a program online that will give you better control over the touchpad you may be stuck with the way it is unless there is someone else on here who knows how to do it.

  Burn-it 17:39 30 Nov 2016

Synaptics drivers and control panel tend to do just about anything. I actually don't like their software, as it is too inclusive for my liking.

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