TV card not recognised??

  stannerz 20:30 29 Oct 2007

I have just built a media PC and I think I installed the TV card too early. The spec is,
Abit iL-90MV mobo, intel core duo t2400 processor, 1gb of ram, running vista 32 home premium edition.

The TV card is Hauppauge WINTV Nova T 500 and should be fully compatable with vista and media centre. When I was installing the OS i had already fitted the TV card into the PCI slot, does this make a difference?

I have update all the new drives from the Hauppauge site and have run the hcwclear application. Then re instaled all the drivers again for it not be recognised.

I have tried to install it in the second PCI slot and this also has no results.

I have taken the TV card out and installed it in an old PC and this "finds new hardware" so know the TV card is working. Any help or advise would be greatly recieved. Any one else had this trouble??? Please advise....

  sinbads 20:46 29 Oct 2007

does the tv card show up in the device manager and does it show problems?

  stannerz 22:08 29 Oct 2007

No the device manager just show my sound device and nothing else. I have tried to add new hardware yet again cant find the device to run with the drivers.

  Mike10C 22:35 29 Oct 2007

Yes the Hauppage card gave me problems too. I have the HVR 1100 model which appears to use the same set of Vista drivers as the Nova. Make sure you use the drivers for the MCI set up so it will work under the media centre edition.

Suggest you un-install it in programme manager again and take it out of the computer, then run howclear. Make sure the new drivers are ready in a folder on the desktop. Then re-install the card and hopefully the computer will identify new hardware. Make sure it you point the driver install programme to the new driver folder and let it it go through the 4 or 5 install steps. My device manager shows 5 entries for hauppage.

Good luck

  stannerz 22:15 30 Oct 2007

I have just run the hcw clear and then removed the tv card physically out of the PC, then booted and tried to install the MCE drivers from the hauppauge site, the message I get across the screen is drivers have NOT been updated. compatible hardware not found.
I am unsure as to what else I can do. Any thoughts???

  Mike10C 22:35 30 Oct 2007

I am not too clear from your post at which point you installed the new drivers.
Basically you need to clear out all the old drivers including using hsw clear and take out the card, then reboot with nothing present. At this point down load the driver pack from Hauppage and put them into a folder on the desktop but don't install them. Then turn off the computer and put in the card and reboot. The computer should find the card and start to look for drivers, this is when you quickly point the install process to your drivers in the folder on the desktop.
If you install the drivers before the card is present, the computer will not recognise them.

  stannerz 22:52 05 Nov 2007

I have HCW cleared all the drivers, them shut down. Then removed the tv card from the PCI housing, then rebooted. I have again removed all inf files with the HCW from MCE cd3.1 and shut down, I have then reseated the tv card in PCI port 1. (Upon start up the computer does not find new hardware) then I have run the MCE from the desk top. No drivers are updated as no hardware is found. I click to exit.

I am then unsure where to go.

    23:53 05 Nov 2007

Version MCE_CD_31H Updated: Oct 17, 2007
click here

and or,

click here

    00:22 06 Nov 2007

Make sure the card is seated in a PCI Slot BEFORE installing the drivers & software.

If Can't see the card it wont install the drivers.

  Mike10C 07:58 06 Nov 2007

Hello Stannerz,

If the card is still not being recognised, the options I see are:
1. it is not fully seated in the PCI.
2. Another card is being recognised which should show in device menager.
3. You have a faulty card.
4. Your PCI slot is faulty.

Can you check these options ?

  Ganador 12:48 01 Dec 2007

I have a WinTV-NOVA-T pci card which was working in an xp pro computer. I put in a new drive installed windows Vista Ultimate - downloaded WinTVCD 4_0_UK.exe Version:4.0 from Hauppauge and when I ran the install it said the drivers were not installed "compatible hardware not found".
there cannot be an issue with previous drivers since it was a clean install and the card has not moved in its slot where it worked happily before.

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