Trying to Re-Install Vista on Laptop

  AroundAgain 14:41 28 Dec 2013


I have (a friend's) HP/Compaq Presario c700, running Vista Home Premium which I am wanting to re-install Vista.

Having backed up all that I can think of, I've tried F11 on booting up. I do get System Restore F11 show on the black screen but then nothing else, other than a black screen. It stays in this state for some considerable time, no lights flickering to indicate the laptop is busy.

I thought there was a recovery disc/partition on this laptop. However, I did change this hard drive a while ago but seem to remember cloning the drive and am sure I also cloned the Recovery partition. Would this be the cause of the laptop not responding to the F11 command now, ie not recognising the Recovery partition?

There are no re-install/Recovery discs available. I did attempt to create Recovery Discs first but the laptop seemingly doesn't have appropriate drive to do this! It does have CD/DVD drive and I'm sure my friend has been able to write to disc using it. So, I'm a bit confused here.

I have my own Vista Recovery Discs, which I created when I first got my own laptop, an Acer Aspire, which also runs Vista Home Premium. Is it possible I could use these to re-install the OS on my friend's laptop? Just a thought ... but presume hardware would be different so probably not.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks guys/gals
Hope you all had a decent Christmas/Festive time this week :)

  rdave13 23:04 28 Dec 2013

Your cloning program hasn't cloned the hidden partition by the sounds of it. Let us know the name of the shite program so no one else should use it. It won't create recovery disks as there is no recovery partition to create the disks from. The 'appropriate drive' in this instance is the hidden restore partition.

Try your own recovery discs as you seem to be stuffed anyway. Nowt to lose.

  AroundAgain 18:43 29 Dec 2013

Thanks, rdave, for your response

It occurred to me to put the old HDD back into the machine, try to create Recovery discs and then attempt to Return to Factory Settings, using the old drive.

Once that done, I thought to clone the drive again to the larger drive, then replace that drive. Sounds such a convoluted way to achieve a Recovery but may work. It would be useful if the Recovery discs were achievable this way. ;)

So, I'm waiting for my friend to find the old drive and the connecting kit, which is somewhere 'safe'! (I think I'll keep it 'safe' myself, once it's located. Organised storage isn't their best asset, unfortunately ;) )

Is there anywhere I can download Vista Home Premium from so to try a straight re-formatting? The laptop has the Product Key on the base. This Vista is OEM, so does that make any difference?

I've just had a read of my previous post thread which helped me change the Hard Drive of this machine just over a year ago. It looks like I used EasUS and EasUS Partition Manager for that. It's quite possible I did, or didn't, do something which is now causing me this issue. I suggest it is me, rather than the software being naff.

I'm going to delay using the Recovery discs from my own machine as I think there are a few options yet so don't want to burn all my bridges just now. That time may come later ...

I still live in hope re getting advice from here and getting me up and running again ;)


  rdave13 07:20 30 Dec 2013

Using the old hard drive is the way to go I think. once installed try to create the recovery discs. If it has already been used to create the disks then I'd restore using the partition. once you've done that you should be able to create the discs again. Swap the hdd's round and use the recovery discs on the new drive. I doubt if the Acer discs would have even loaded anyway. Alternatively clone the drive again if you don't need a fresh install.

  AroundAgain 11:28 30 Dec 2013

Good morning (just)

Yes, I am wanting to do a fresh install so getting hold of the old hard drive is going to be the next step, in the hope it will then do a Recovery, after, hopefully, being able to create restore discs. Then to clone the drive again (and maybe get it right). If cloning the drive is successful, I'll have a fresh install, plus a working Recovery drive (on the newer hard drive).

However, my friends have yet to find the older hard disc so I'm going over there soon to help look for it. It will be in the computer room somewhere 'safe' ;)

I really appreciate your help. I'll post back when I've made some progress. As you can imagine, it could be a day or two ;)

Many thanks and a Happy New Year to you all

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