Trying to link new Epson printer by WiFi to laptop

  Redlegs 14:20 31 Jan 2013

Hi there -- Redlegs here from Adelaide , Sth Aust. Have had to replace my HP printer ( been given last rites after 5 years )with recommended Epson printer. HP was WiFi connected to laptop which is in another room from the PC and printer and had been working perfectly.I have brought the laptop into the room with the PC and printer. First problem arose as I was told " incorrect " password. Router is a DI- 524 ( no longer supported on D- Link's web page as 5 yrs old ) After several attempts and " hissy fits " , I was able to poke around in a help web page and I think I found the password , tho it was listed as the " Preshare Key ".Have been using the Epson Installation disc and things seem to go along smoothly , then it always bombs out --" Not connected " message appears, I print out a Status Report -- it's fairly long and a little hard to interpret , but it does say the password " does not match the one set for your router/access point" .I did have some probs when I first linked my previous printer to the laptop , some years ago , but can't recall the many steps I went through back then. Have got W7 , Epson printer model is WF 3520, laptop is a Toshiba. Any ideas ?? --- they will all be greatly received. Cheers , Neville D ( aka Redlegs )

  difarn 14:28 31 Jan 2013

I have just installed a similar printer for a friend and came across exactly the same sort of problem. In the end I went into the router and changed the password then used the new password when asked for using the install wifi printer wizard You will need to access the log-in admin pages of your router - the IP address could possibly be or or something similar. You should type this into the address bar at the top of the browser (not into the Google box) and this should lead you to a log-in screen. If you have not changed the password then the default is usually: password and username: admin.

  difarn 14:30 31 Jan 2013

Just as an afterthought, I changed the password because it contained dashes that I could not key in when I had to enter the details via the led screen of the printer itself. I had been receiving messages the same as yours on the print out of the status report.

  Redlegs 15:32 01 Feb 2013

Hi there difarn -- hey thanks for your response -- 8 minutes after I posted my question !!! was going to respond to you straight away , but my wife comes in and tells me to " get to bed " !! -- and I always do as I am told !! -- it was 2.30 in the morning. I have used the IP address of and this is how I came upon the password as listed as part of the Wireless settings. But this password did not work when I confidently used it later.Getting the " nods " so had better get to bed and try again tomorrow. Redlegs

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