Trying to create a usb recovery drive but ......

  regglad 21:09 05 Nov 2016

I have just bought a HP laptop with W10 on.

I am trying to create a usb recovery drive but is has now stopped twice, saying that it is unable to complete the task.

Any help/suggestions would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

  BRYNIT 22:59 05 Nov 2016

What size USB drive are you using?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:46 06 Nov 2016

Never rated any of the recovery disc creators from manufacturers (Toshiba created but failed when attempting to reload).

Get the machine set up as you want with AV and all the crapware removed.

Down load a copy of Macrium Reflect free and make images of your drive to an external HArd drive or USB, make the rescue disk (usb) then make regular images thereafter, I do weekly images of my data drives and and monthly on my system drive.

  robin_x 14:07 06 Nov 2016

Seconded. Macrium is the comprehensive backup solution.

'Recovery Drive' is 'rubbish'. Although only slightly different from the following, the differences are significant.

If you want something on USB Flash, the W10 Install download via Media Creation Tool is good for emergencies.

Shares most of the same features as Recovery Drive, when booted, but can also perform Repair Installs when run from W10.

  robin_x 14:09 06 Nov 2016

Also Turn System Restore on and configure for C: and make regular Restore Points

Search Create a Restore Point

  regglad 20:20 06 Nov 2016

Thank you one and all for your very helpful and interersting replies. I had used a 64gb usb drive, but the process stopped twice after it had downloaded 'reagent'. I will certainly look at the Macrium software, that looks spot-on.

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