carlg 21:55 10 Aug 2017

After calling Dell and having them work on my computer, the same problems exists. I noticed that they created a WindowsApps.old folder. The WindowsApps folder is empty, but the WindowsApp.old seems to have all the necessary apps, or at least most of them. I would like to replace WindowsApps with the WIndowApps.old. Could someone assist? I am using WIndows 10 HOME and have limited computer experience. Thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:45 10 Aug 2017

Are you sure its empty and its just not showing anything?

normally you are not allowed to view the contents of this folder as its "owned" by Trusted installer.

What exaclt do you mean by same problem?

  carlg 01:31 11 Aug 2017

When I click on WindowsApps and then click on properties, it shows 0 files and 0 folders. When I click on WindowsApps.old, it seems all the apps are located there.

The problem is that when I boot up the system, I get a screen that states the system could not be started properly and now will automatically close and try again. After a few tries, I have to force down the system with the on-off button. I then try to reboot and the system will start up fine for a few days, and then the problem come up again. When I click on “Settings/System/Apps and Features, and then click on any app (such as Grove Music), and then click on Advance Options, and then try to reset it, it gives me an error message).

  rdave13 05:28 11 Aug 2017

Try reinstalling pre-installed apps, form here. Reboot.

Also run the system file checker afterwards. If all your apps have re-installed correctly you should be able to delete the WindowsApps.old folder.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:22 11 Aug 2017

If you select it and right click - Properties it will show 0 bytes ) folders )files because it is a protected and hidden folder you will need administrator privileges to change the properties of the windowsapps folder

again what is the problem you are experiencing other than not accessing this folder (which is normal)?

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