trovi browser infection

  Blubottle 13:57 16 Jun 2014

hi got this infection, how do I get rid without having to buy specialist tools regards

  Pine Man 14:09 16 Jun 2014

I used the following site - exactly - and now there is no trace.

click here

  Blubottle 16:19 16 Jun 2014

Thanks for that,,,,,,,, it did not work

  Pine Man 16:35 16 Jun 2014

If you ran all of the listed programs, on that site that I provided, properly I don't know what else to suggest - sorry:-(

  Pine Man 16:37 16 Jun 2014

... I just thought of something else!

Try running those programs listed in safe mode :-)

  Blubottle 09:18 17 Jun 2014

I have now ran SuperAntispyware as well and that seems to have worked. Thank you to all.

  lotvic 14:34 01 Jul 2014

jmanhattan, seems your first post on forum is on a thread that was sorted 2 weeks ago. Hmm, that makes me think that your link is to promote your own site (Created on 2014-04-22) to generate traffic. That would make your post spam.

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