Trouble with W7 latest updates

  Digital 20:44 15 Nov 2012

Anyone had problems installing the latest W7 updates released last night or earlier today?

  lotvic 23:26 15 Nov 2012

Not got my W7 running at mo' (waiting for new harddrive) but on XP pc I got notified of updates and clicked to download them but they never came and on shutting down pc it went off very quick and missed a window out where I can choose to shut down or restart. Today I've gone to Update Site and d/l and installed manually and so far seems ok.

  Digital 10:59 16 Nov 2012

I ran the Microsoft tool that fixes update probs, can't recall its name, it found & fixed a problem & everything installed OK. The fact that the PC twice shut itself down without warning didn't help! It's had a good internal clean this morning, hope that's fixed the shut-down trouble!

  lotvic 14:42 16 Nov 2012

fingers crossed :)

  john bunyan 20:31 16 Nov 2012

My laptop went fine. My Desktop had the most almighty crash the next morning - I noticed updates going in as soon as the PC was turned on, at the very beginning - mentioning registry updates etc. Then dire warnings and a blue screen. Somehow restarted all kinds of Crash warnings in eventvwr

  Noggerules 11:27 17 Nov 2012

I too have had problems Thursday on close down it froze at 15 of 18, had to force close down. Computer stared ok but mangled up the connection to printer. Tried the Microsoft repair module but that didn't help. Restored computer to last save. Again Friday, the download froze at 12 of 15, again had to force close down. Again ran restore to earlier date. Have now stopped M/S updates but computer keeps flagging up the issue.

I have not installed anything new to cause a conflict and computer has been performing well.

Has anyone any suggestions on how to proceed?

Windows 7 64 bit. hard drive 25% used, 75% free

  alanrwood 15:33 17 Nov 2012

Try selecting the updates one by one and installing them until you find the one that is causing the problem. See what it does and mark it hidden in future if not important. If important then try downloading the update file direct from MS and installing it as a separate process

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