Trouble with playing videos in Windows 10.

  soorajsm 16:13 16 Aug 2016

I have been having problem with playing videos on my laptop since a week. When watch movies (any quality), after 2 or 3 minutes the video will freeze frames and if I move my mouse it gets okay for the next couple of minutes. This happens every time unless I use GOM player. GOM works nice without any trouble. Lately I saw that in game videos are also showing the same thing. My Laptop is Dell Inspirion 3542, 8GB, NVIDIA 820M (updated drivers) Please help.

  xania 13:34 18 Aug 2016

Never heard of GOM previously but IMHO, if it works, you appear to have solved you problem yourself.

  BRYNIT 16:15 18 Aug 2016

"I have been having problem with playing videos on my laptop since a week" as you do not say how you are playing these videos it's difficult to advise. You have indicated that you have no problems with GOM player this would indicate the video player you were using may not be compatible with the video files. If you are happy with GOM player carry on using it if not you could try VLC Media player that has been mention on PC Advisor before.

  soorajsm 06:35 19 Aug 2016

Sorry for not giving details. I am using Win 10 since a year and videos were running fine. I was using VLC and KM player to watch movies. After getting this issue I switched to almost all players available and found out that GOM player is the only player which doesn't show the problem. Funny thing is that youtube videos are also jerky after a minute unless I move the mouse, which means something running background gives me the trouble. Maybe it is best to restore or format....Thank you for replying.

  soorajsm 06:40 19 Aug 2016

....I am satisfied with GOM to play movies but I don't know how to fix in-game videos and youtube videos.....

  robin_x 13:28 19 Aug 2016

Try System restore to before the problem. Press windows Key and R and type rstrui

Your files and folders are not affected

  soorajsm 18:35 20 Aug 2016

Okay brothers, this free antivirus panda gave me all those trouble (after updating)...removed it and brought windows defender back, viola! Everything is okay now.Thanks for your help.

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