Trouble deleting 138 GB .avi file

  doppler369 23:27 24 Mar 2013

Hey there. I hope someone might be able to help me out with this one. A few days ago, while I was testing a video capture software, I ended up creating a 138 GB .avi file which nearly filled up my hard drive. I tried to delete it multiple times, but though the file does go away according to explorer, the space isn't freed from the HDD and next time I boot the file is back, and absolutely no changes I make on anything are there after rebooting.

Is there a way to delete the file without resorting to recovering from an earlier system image or disk formatting?

Thank you very much in advance.

  tullie 14:26 25 Mar 2013

Have you tried Revo to uninstall?

  tullie 20:56 26 Mar 2013

Any result?

  doppler369 14:29 28 Mar 2013

Sadly no, there's not enough space in the HDD to install Revo; I tried to install it on an external drive, but it didn't work either. Thanks though, any other ideas?

  jaywoo 16:59 02 Apr 2013

Revo is for removing applications, not individual files (though it may tidy data files up as part of the extended removal process). Try Unlocker;

  chub_tor 19:26 05 Apr 2013

If you are high lighting and clicking on Delete then you are just trying to put it into the Recycle Bin and you won't free up any space. Hold the Shift Key down, then highlight the file and then click on Delete, this will stop it from going into the Recycle Bin.

  doppler369 21:32 13 Apr 2013

Unlocker didn't work either; it said that the file had no locking handle attached to it and gave me the option to delete it anyway, which didn't work. Thanks for the tip in any case, Jaywoo.

I've been doing so from the get go, chub_tor. I've also tried deleting it from the command console on Windows, on Safe Mode, and from a Windows Vista boot DVD, to no avail. Thanks for the tip, though.

Speaking of which. I've just noticed that, when on the Windows install menu of said boot DVD, the installation program lists the hard drive as having at the very least 150 GB worth of free space. If I boot from the hard drive, that space appears as taken. Would it be better to just back up everything and format given the situation? Or is there still a way to fix this without resorting to that?

Thanks in advance!

  martd7 23:37 14 Apr 2013

Can you remove the drive and connect it to another pc and try delete the file that way?

Or you could try this utility program

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