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Tried a fresh install of W10

  Govan1x 00:01 20 May 2020

Laptop was that slow i decided to Do a fresh install of windows 10 by putting it on a USB stick from Windows update.

To try it I reformatted an old hard drive put it into the laptop and restarted it with the USB Stick instaalled.

it just comes up with the problem. Windows cannot be installed to this disc . The selected disc has a MBR partition table on EFI Systems. Windows can only be installed to GPT disc's.

Is it an incompatible hard drive or have I gone about it the wrong way.

i still have the original hard drive but would mean opening up the laptop again to put it back again.

The only have decent thing about the laptop was it had a 500gb hard drive. laptop is only 3 years old. But it is crap and I don't know why big company's get away with producing such.

I am not that interested in the laptop just wanted to see if it worked better without the usual bundle of crap that comes with it.

Should also add there is no CD/DVD drive on it.

  x13 06:53 20 May 2020

You need to convert the drive to GPT from MBR first. You can do that using another PC with the drive in a usb caddy. Convert external hard drive to GPT with Disk Management

Once it has been converted it will be left with just one unallocated space which is ideal to do a fresh install of Windows on it.

  Govan1x 11:24 20 May 2020

Thanks x13. I will give that a go a bit later. Looks like i will have to open up the laptop again to get into the hard drive so this may take a bit of time.

  Menzie 12:55 20 May 2020

If you have a spare USB stick handy and another system to use (which I'm assuming you do for the solution above).

Then download open source tool GParted. Do a live disc using it which creates a bootable USB.

Boot the computer using the USB and convert the drive to the required partition type.

No need to remove the drive.

click here

  Govan1x 21:24 20 May 2020

Will try x13 way first. But busy tomorrow again so will get back to you both by the weekend or sooner,

I started Menzies way first and it was taking that long to download it i gave up. it had some poor reviews but some good as well. But if all else fails i will try again.

I was not sure how you download it on to a PC then get it on to a USB Stick.

  Govan1x 12:57 21 May 2020

latest update is found out the the the hard drive was faulty so tried another which got stuck at the same spot only with a different problem.

Managed to get past it thanks to Google and have no downloaded Windows 10 with no crapware. Same problem though very slow the same as the other.

Going to put it away for a while as it is not going to get better.

Just a terrible cheap nasty laptop that should never be sold.

I suppose I learned one thing about it. it is so easy to get into it when you know what you are doing. had a lot of experience on that lately.

Thanks for your help it was appreciated.

  x13 13:00 21 May 2020

Try a cheap SSD in it. What's the CPU? If it's very low end then not worth the bother even to upgrade the ram.

  Govan1x 23:26 21 May 2020

CPU 1.6 ghz something like. And have tried it with a SSD and still slow. Memory is poor as well.

My grandaughter bought it in Australia and brought it home and gave me it.

Anyone that does not know anything about laptops would buy the likes of it not knowing that that it was a really poor excuse for a laptop.+ 2 gb of memory which was not upgradable so I was told. I put 8gb memory in it and it did show as 8 but never made one bit of difference.

So it had an SSD drive and extra 6Gb of memory. Still ran poorly.

I should have binned it a long time ago.

  x13 04:51 22 May 2020

I should have binned it a long time ago.

Maybe time to play with Linux on it? No time like in the present lockdown. Used Mint on an old laptop for a while before it went belly up. Plenty of info online. Link to Mint, click here , and there are different versions. Hopefully a Linux user can chime in with the latest Linux version that's lightweight and easy to use.

  Govan1x 11:26 22 May 2020

Thanks x13. Will wait till i am bored again and give that a go.

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