Transition from Windows XP to Windows 7RC

  tigertop2 19:51 27 Aug 2009

I am helping a neighbour who has now successfully loaded Windows 7RC on a new Desktop which is now running with Windows Office 2007

All the old XP files have been saved from his previous desktop on a DVD and loaded onto the new desktop. Everything is fine with one exception
Files saved using Windows 2000 Powerpoint will not open on the new machine. Even though it has Powerpoint included in MS office 2007.

I am sure there must be a simple solution. Can anyone suggest how this problem can be overcome please?

  bremner 20:36 27 Aug 2009

Do the Powerpoint 2000 files have .ppt as their file extension?

  tigertop2 21:05 27 Aug 2009

Sorry bremner, you have lost me completely on that one! Can you rewrite it in simple idiot language for me please?

  GaT7 00:44 28 Aug 2009

I think they may have been saved as a pre Office2000 PP format - anyway, some ideas to work through here click here. G

  bremner 08:04 28 Aug 2009

A file has a name and then the bit that comes after the dot.

For example a word document could be pcadvisor.doc

The .doc bit is the file extension.

Powerpoint since 2000 has had the file extension .ppt but a different extension prior to that.

What is the file extension on your neighbours files.

  tigertop2 10:12 28 Aug 2009

Bremner and Crossbow7

Many thanks for your help . I know a lot more about hardware than software! The files are saved under MS powerpoint 97-2003. I tried opening the same files loaded on a flash drive on my own PCs. First on Vista and then on Windows 7 on my own PCs. In both cases I was successful.

I will need to go back and try and do this on my neighbour's PC using the same flash drive . If that is OK then the problem may lie with the DVD disc and I can fix that.

Your expertise is much appreciated, case solved.

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