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Transferring WIndows 10 to a new PC question(s)

  ivesy 15:09 27 Jul 2019


I've taken the plunge and ordered a new PC, to stay within budget I had to omit a couple of things one of which was the O/S. I thought it would be straightforward but I can't see anything online that helps so I thought I'd try here as it's been a great help in the past for me.

Ok, I have a boxed version of Windows 7 home with the key on the booklet. I upgraded to Windows 8 (and I've literally just found the email with the key) via an email from Microsoft to take advantage of the upgrade offer. From then I upgraded again for free to Windows 10.

My question is will I be able to somehow transfer my Windows 10 licence onto the new PC?

If not, what are my options? I've looked online and can prices are all over the place for Windows 10 Home. To further complicate matters, if I do need a new version it would have to be on a flash drive as (another cost cut) I thought I wouldn't need a DVD drive! I've seen prices online ranging from £109 to £15 on eBay.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you and I hope all that made sense :)

  ivesy 16:47 27 Jul 2019

quick update. Been on a chat with Microsoft seems I can't transfer as it can only be done once. I'm currently downloading Windows 10 so my next question where is the best place to get a genuine key? Microsoft are quoting around £100 but Groupon are doing them for around £35.

  mrgrumpy 17:02 27 Jul 2019

I can partially point you in the right direction but some others will no doubt fill in the bits I am not sure about.

With regards to your windows 7 you wont be able to put it on another pc because all ops are electronically tagged to the old motherboard , this is done to cut down on piracy but their is a way round it , contact Microsoft and tell them the keycode of your op sys , they will then block to stop piracy and as you have surrendered the key code they will issue you with a new code. Make sure you write it down AND read it back to them to make sure you have written it down correctly. The click here link will tell you how to get a free upgrade.

click here sure if you can transfer a free 10 keycode.

With regards to you not having a dvd drive that does matter , I have 2 custom pc by the same company bought 3 years apart , the second pc came WITHOUT a windows disc , this next link shows where to get an iso link to make a windows image

click here I say some others will give a bit more help but you must remember it is your responsibility to decide weather or not to cat on advice given.

not as

  mrgrumpy 17:07 27 Jul 2019

UPDATE ivsey you typed an extra bit as I was typing my reply , I would be very wary of buying a op sys for £35 as it may not be genuine , if you get it and it turns out to be cloned or fake then Microsoft do a scheme where they reward you for saying where you got a suspect copy. You must of course be able to show proof and not just say it.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:22 27 Jul 2019

Been on a chat with Microsoft seems I can't transfer as it can only be done once.

That's correct advice. Even though you have the retail version of Windows 7, it's already been upgraded once, so you won't be able to get Windows 10 for free and there's no point faffing around trying things that won't work.

Groupon are doing them for around £35........................... £15 on eBay.

At those prices it's highly unlikely that you'll be getting a genuine version of Windows that will work forever.

If you want a guaranteed genuine copy then here's the official Microsoft link. You can choose to have it delivered on a USB stick.

  alanrwood 21:35 27 Jul 2019

A lot of the Windows licences on eBay are taken fro scrapped machines by companies/individuals who are quite legally allowed to resell them. There was a court case about this and it was deemed legal. I have personally updated 5 machines at small cost from eBay sellers with lots of sales and good feedback and had no problems however there is a small risk I would admit.

  BRYNIT 00:30 28 Jul 2019

Have a read of Reactivating Windows 10 after a hardware change CLICK HERE

1]: [click here

  Forum Editor 10:27 28 Jul 2019

The first theing to say is that the only third-party company allowed to sell retail Windows licences is Amazon.

Microsoft-licensed computer sellers or refurbishers can sell OEM licenses, but those must be on a machine - they can't be sold separately via a retail channel.

MSDN licenses are sold via the Microsoft Software Developer Network (MSDN) or TechNet for IT Professionals who pay a subscription fee. The big advantage with these licenses is that they never expire, but are intended to be used by a named individual and nobody else. This system can be and is abused however. You'll see these licences being sold, but buying one is a risky process. Someone who has a 10-activation MSDN licence may sell it to more than 10 people and in that situation person number 11 is going to find that it will not activate. Microsoft will detect the activation attempt, and will block the license from further use.

  ivesy 18:56 28 Jul 2019

Thank you very much for all of the replies.

  rickf 16:12 29 Jul 2019

Why not just clone it to the hard disk in new PC?

  ivesy 17:09 29 Jul 2019

Thanks for the response. How do I do that? I'm willing to give it a go! :)

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