Transfer from MS Office 2007 to MS Office 2010

  billy88 22:56 22 Sep 2014

Hello-I'm not IT literate, have enrolled on IT course without reading small print (I need MS Office 2010+only had 2007 version on laptop-no good)-hence I've now got a link+key for 2010. Seller is advising me to remove '07 version before I download new version. I could probably find out how to do this via Google but I get the idea it's something I can't reverse if things muck up i.e. I'll be left with no version of Office? can you uninstall+reinstall if things go wrong? Can I download via dongle? Is there anything else I should know? Thank-ee kindly

  wee eddie 11:33 23 Sep 2014

Deleting the program will not affect your files. Make sure that your Outlook .pst File is regularly backed up and all should be plain sailing.

Before you uninstall Office, create a Restore Point, and then go ahead with the installation.

Are you confidant of the 'bona fides' of your supplier of Office 2010, if it appears cheap and is not from a well known seller, beware? Hacked Software is one of the most frequent Scams in the game!

  onthelimit1 11:35 23 Sep 2014

Office 2007 and 2010 are compatible, so not sure why you want to change.

  wee eddie 11:53 23 Sep 2014

On consideration, I agree with OTL.

It might be worthwhile discussing the problem with your Tutor. The Upgrade from 2007 to 2010 was not that drastic and may not be a serious problem for the course.

Conversely, as a Student, you should be able to get a Student Edition which is considerably cheaper that either Retail or OEM version.

  Woolwell 13:43 23 Sep 2014

I'm not sure about the point that the difference is not great. Tutor's tend to use a system and teach how that works and students get thrown even when it is slightly different. Discuss with tutor.

I have installed Office 2013 side by side with Office 2007 without any real problems apart from Outlook. Not surprisingly Outlook 2007 would not work as the data files were now associate to the 2013 version. Word, Excel and Powerpoint didn't have a problem side by side. After a while I uninstalled 2007 without causing any problems to 2013.

  BRYNIT 08:26 15 Nov 2014

How long is the course? Are you going I did a 6 week course about a year ago, sat down at a computer (not at home) logged onto the course material

  BRYNIT 08:39 15 Nov 2014

Something went wrong, I will try again.

How long is the course? Are you going to one of these training centers?

I did a 6 week course about a year ago. Sat down at a computer at a leaning center not at home.

At the center I logged onto the course material. Went through the instructions for each section and then did a mock test. You repeated this until you were happy to do the proper test on this section.

Unless you are doing the course at home you will not find having Office 2010 any help as you will not be able to bring any of the work home.

If you are doing this course at home you will need Office 2010.

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