Transfer iTunes music to new laptop

  Peter Balcombe 13:01 01 Dec 2018

I have successfully transferred most of my progams and data from an aging laptop to an HP pavilion sporting a 256gb SSD. I have a large (170 gb) iTunes library which I should like to transfer also but do not have space for on the SSD. I have therefore ordered a 256 gb sd card which I plan to use for the iTunes library in the HP pavilion. Assuming the good quality SD card I have ordered works fine is it simply a case of saving my iTunes library on to the sdcard from my old laptop and then setting this card as the library on the Pavilion or am I missing some important stage?

  wescliff 13:48 02 Dec 2018

I hope you have better luck than me. I had the same issue, new HP laptop with 256Gb SSD. So I followed all the instructions, put the library and all files on an external drive, installed iTunes on the new laptop, went to Edit\Preferences\Advanced and set the new location for the library and checked the box to keep my library organised. That should have worked, but it didn't. iTunes didn't see any of them. Every file was awaiting download. Left with little choice but to download them all. At least they went to the external drive(Copy elsewhere and delete first or you will have two copies of every file). but it took nearly two days.

Good luck

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