Transfer Files and Setting keeps failing

  tonyjon 16:38 11 Sep 2007


After so many attempts I have lost count I find that I cannot carry out the Windows Wizard Transfer Files and settings.

Sent to an external USB Drive with twice the capacity needed

Runs quite sweetly, virtually instantaneous calculation of size, straight into 'running'. Fails after about 5 minutes with a minute trace of blue on the progress bar and closes down.

  tullie 17:43 11 Sep 2007

Have you tried just drag and drop?

  tullie 17:44 11 Sep 2007

Or send to

  tonyjon 17:49 11 Sep 2007

Methinks that you have never tried the wizard, it 'backs uo' you files and settings to transfer to a new computer! Drag and drop do not work from one PC to another!

  brundle 20:43 11 Sep 2007

Clear temporary files click here, run a thorough chkdsk of the drive you are transferring from click here, disable AV and antispyware, disconnect from internet.

  tonyjon 00:01 12 Sep 2007

Tried that - no change

  tullie 16:42 12 Sep 2007

Sorry,it wasent clear,to me, exactly what you were doing,sorry

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