Transfer data From a dead motherboard to new one

  esaitech6 12:57 18 Apr 2019

My system's motherboard got dead. How do i transfer the data from dead motherboard's PC to new one?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:56 18 Apr 2019

There is no data on the motherboard all your data is on your hard drive or SSD as long as they were not damaged when the motherboard failed you data is dtill there.

Change the motherboard (for one f the same make and model con connect everything back up and it shout be wxactly as it was before.

If you install a different make of motherboard it may not boot as the windows divers will be incorrect.

  wee eddie 15:58 18 Apr 2019

Reading between the lines. Have you already bought a new PC?

If so, buy an Enclosure (an empty External Hard Drive case - it has to be of a type similar to the old Hard Drive's Connection) > take the Hard Drive out of your old PC > stick it in the Enclosure > connect it to the USB Port of your new PC > you should be able to transfer all your old files across.

You will not be able to transfer the Programs/Apps > They will have to be Downloaded/Installed afresh

  wee eddie 16:00 18 Apr 2019

After everything is transferred and working well > you can Format your new External Hard Drive and use it for Backups

  john bunyan 17:37 18 Apr 2019

Good luck; the problem could be solved as above. However I had a similar problem under warranty and the supplier replaced the PC so the HD was lost. Luckily I do frequent backups. Also some laptops make it different to get the HD out , such as my Dell XPS 13. Hopefully you have backups.

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