Tracking Cookies - auto deletion possible?

  jimforrest 17:09 31 Jul 2014

I don't know if I'm alone in this but I find being 'tracked' by many websites intensely annoying. If I go on a DIY site and look at an item - that type of item then appears on all sorts of other websites (even if I bought the thing and therefore don't need to buy one now!)

I know I can delete tracking cookies via CCleaner, but can it be done automatically so that as I leave a website any trackers are killed too?

  Batch 18:54 31 Jul 2014

If you use Chrome you could use it in Incognito mode, that way nothing is kept.

  Devil Fish 13:08 02 Aug 2014

if you use chrome you can also block third party cookies often used to track you by other sites

top right hand corner of browser you will see 3 bars click on that go to settings.

Scroll down to advanced settings and click.

scroll down to content settings click you will get a splash screen

check Third party cookies and site data box

click done.

this will prevent 3rd party sites dropping cookies on you some of which are used to track your surfing habits and target adds at you

This can probably also be done in other browsers google block third party cookies and your browser

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