Toshiba Vista with Win7 update

  tomme 17:10 18 Mar 2015

Have a Toshiba Vista which was installed with Windows 7 update which was great until a virus or two and had a meltdown. I tried to reinstall with Win7 32bit disc but windows said windows 7 already installed so no update! Eventually I found a way to install and could only use 'customised .....' so went ahead and eventually got pc working, more or less ok. Put some apps on desktop that were necessary and ok. Now it is impossible to 'save' anything as 'ALL SPACE IS FULL'. I have deleted and cleaned out but only small about of space left. I'm considering buying windows 7 for my new laptop that has win8 already installed but really prefer windows 7, and would like to know if I bought the full Windows 7 discs instead of using the 'upgrade' would this take my Toshiba 2GB back to factory clean and... could I use full windows 7 up 'upgrade' or 'downgrade' my new laptop from windows 8 to windows 7? Help please? and thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:18 18 Mar 2015

Its probably full because the upgrade to windows 7 will have save the vista setup in a folder called windows old just delete this folder to regain space.

  john bunyan 17:38 18 Mar 2015

See here on easiest way to remove windows.old.

Disc cleanup

Takes a long time but I recently gained 32 Gig using it.

1]: [click here

  rdave13 18:35 18 Mar 2015

On your new laptop don't even consider buying a retail version of Windows 7 to install. Your hard drive will no longer have a Master Boot Record (MBR) but will be GPT. Mostly set up for future SSDs. Win 8 will be updated to 10 supposedly this summer. Windows 7 is already old technology.

Oh and you won't have a BIOS. Either UEFI or EFI.

  tomme 22:10 18 Mar 2015

This is about 2 laptops. The Toshiba was Vista updated to win7 then had a meltdown with a virus or 2. I eventually got the win7 disk to 'customise....' and got on some stuff on desktop and onto internet. It work ok but cannot 'save' anything - no space! I'll do remove windows.old folder and see if good. New laptop win8 ok but do prefer windows 7. Thought I could buy complete win7 and install but cannot now. I'm not a technie person AT ALL so have not as yet downloaded to 8.1. I'm just wondering do I download the 'Classic Shell' first, then the win8.1 and then the 'Boot Straight to Desktop'? OR does it make a difference which way around? Thanks for help and will come back and say the results!

  tomme 20:31 28 Mar 2015

Hi and sorry for taking so looonnngg! Other things had to deal with. Have deleted 'windows old' and gained like 4GB! and lots of space so THANK YOU ALL! The Toshiba win7 is running but not great as yet but still trying to improve it. The new HP win8 am going to download to win8.1 plus 'Classic shell.... etc' so will be back.

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