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Toshiba laptop problems

  recap 19:33 23 Dec 2008

Hi all,

My partners laptop running Vista home Premium has a habit of turning it's self off for no reason I can find. I have checked the power settings for everything I can think of. I did change the times on all of them as they were all set to turn off after 5 or 10 minutes, which I thought was far too short a time for inactivity.

Windows update is also playing up. It's been set to update but ask before installing. This has changed to download and install. I checked for updates earlier today of which there were 8. After downloading them I rebooted to install them. I then checked the update log, were to my astonishment there were 17 updates installed for today???

Any suggestions on either of these problems will be greatly appreciated.


  sunnystaines 20:57 23 Dec 2008

one set of updates will generate another on a out of date system, as the first lot need installing before the second lot can be installed.

is it running on a duff battery on plugged into mains.

getting too hot if an old laptop.

  sunnystaines 20:58 23 Dec 2008

on should read or, those tablets playing me up again.

  recap 14:59 24 Dec 2008

sunnystaines, the laptop is always fully updated. The battery is always taken out as she always uses the mains. The laptop is only about 4 months old and to answer FatboySlim71 question the fan/s are working. Further to your question FatboySlim71, the laptop can shut down after just 10 minutes. This is why I checked the power settings first, and adjusted them.

I did turn off McAfee when I tested the laptop but it still shut down for no reason I can work out.

There was one little problem with the touch pad in that is was far too sensitive. I adjusted the sensitivity but that isn't the problem as the laptop can still turn off on it's own.

  sunnystaines 10:14 25 Dec 2008

4 months old I would take it back to the shop.

  chub_tor 10:18 25 Dec 2008

I have found the Toshiba support to be excellent click here and you can post questions on their forum as well as browsing for problems with your exact model. I have a Toshiba P100 and have had several questions answered by their experts.

  recap 17:16 25 Dec 2008

ventanas, I am thinking down the lines of doing a full reinstall but taking off Vista and installing XP Pro, which my partner and I prefer. I am surprised that the Dell laptop had the similar issues, I have worked with Dell machines for several years now and have never had these issues with them.

sunnystaines, I have suggested that it go back to the shop to my partner, and If I/we cannot fix it then that is the path we will take.

Thanks chub_tor, I will take a look at their support.

For now I will close this thread, thank you all for your input, and I hope the rest of your Christmas is peaceful, and a Happy New Year.


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