Toshiba Laptop Niggle

  jjss 13:32 09 May 2009

I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 laptop which I’ve had Win 7 on for some time, I’ve just updated to the latest RC and this problem is still around. The laptop works fine and the install, to quote FE went “... smoother than a smooth thing...” etc.
Like the title says, this is one on those niggling things that is more of an annoyance than a major problem and it’s a problem I came across when I was nosing around like you do.
When I check in Devices and Printers it highlights a problem with a driver on my laptop, going through the process with the Trouble Resolver it tells me that “TOSHIBA Firmware Linkage Driver “ is missing. I then go to Device Manager and nothing is highlighted as a problem. I have had Device Manager check for any changes to see if it picks anything up which it doesn’t. I then generated a System Heath Report, (Control panel/Performance Information and Tools/Generate System Heath Check) and there it finds that a device driver is missing. It actually highlights the following “Win32_PnPEntity.DeviceID="ACPI\\TOS1901\\2&DABA3FF&1" .
I’ve tried installing various Vista 32 downloads from Toshiba, all having no effect. I’ve googled which comes up with various ideas which either relate to desktop m/b’s or takes me to various sites which all point to a prog called Drive Detective which highlights even more problems with drivers, (I don’t trust this programme’s report cos they want $29 to download the updated drivers – call me a cynic if you like).
I’ve run out of thoughts and ideas so I turn to you good folks for some inspiration. It may just be a simple thing for which I cant see the wood for the trees, so I’m open to any ideas.
Many thanks in anticipation, Jack

  Forum Editor 17:39 09 May 2009

of the story about the airline maintenance log. Airline captains fill out a form for the maintenance technicians on which they detail any faults found on the aircraft during a flight. Alongside each entry the technicians record what they did to address the fault.

One Qantas captain wrote: "Something loose on flight-deck"

The technician wrote: "Something tightened on flight deck".

Sometimes it's a good idea not to worry too much about obscure operating system error records. As long as your machine runs OK - and you haven't said otherwise - it might be best not to spend time worrying about it. If there's a real problem it will surface sooner or later, and you can deal with it then.

  jjss 18:56 11 May 2009

Sorry its taken some time to respond, other things in life got in the way.
You right, of course, FE. Having slept on the problem, if there really is a problem it will show itself given time.
I did like the the Aussie humour that you drew on. I'll remember that for another day.


  wizzboy 20:58 02 Oct 2009

i have a toshiba l300d and had the same trouble.
TOSHIBA Firmware Linkage Driver ,i found it was to do with the password software that is part of toshiba, but beweare though i had to take window rtm off, because of the up dates which was the cause of the blue screen of death, good luck

  jampit 09:03 09 Mar 2010

Having changed from Win7 RTM ( no problems) to Windows 7 HP, I have had the display driver stopping then restarting (according to the error message). This happens mainly when I am running a game (VSK5)which had been running happily before the change. To make matters worse, (a) the program can hang and /or (b) the computer crashes!
I have updated the display driver to Win7 with no success. Any ideas?

  tinacee1 16:49 20 Mar 2010

Hiya - I have spent the day searching the internet for information about my new Toshiba laptop which I purchased last night from Tesco. A Toshiba L500-1XC, which I got a good deal with (£100 off recommended price).

I am completely new to laptops as I have been using my desktop pc for 8 years - I decided that it's life was coming to an end as it kept crashing and that I would buy a laptop. I managed to set it all up untill problems arose when trying to connect to O2 mobile broadband. spent ages on the phone to O2 about installing on new laptop. Discovered that I have to have a 'patch' sent by O2 in the form of a software disc as the connection manager tool can't accomodate Windows 7 which is pre-installed on the new laptop.I have decided to buy a dongle from another mobile internet provider to get around this problem (I see a better deal with '3' network anyway.

What I am trying to find out is if there is anywhere that I can download information about how to get my head around this new laptop (i.e. user guides or the like) The user manual which came with the laptop is basic.
Also is there a beginners guide to using Windows 7 - I am so used to Windows XP and this new Windows 7 is so different and I find it very complicated. I would appreciate any advice from forum users out there. I am off to take a few paracetamol tablets now as I have given myself a corker of a headache trying to find information. The Toshiba website (Europe) is of no help and keeps freezing up when I try to access their 'user forum' - so I'm at a loss as to where to turn about this.

Thanks for reading this long drawn out post. I wasn't sure where to post this here. Perhaps I should have opened a 'new' post.

  jjss 17:04 22 Mar 2010


Welcome to our forum.

You might get a little more help if you start a fresh thread relating to your query, however if you check click here it's the Toshiba web page refering to your model which may be a good starting place.


  jjss 17:22 22 Mar 2010


You can download the O2 patch from click here


  ruskle 20:40 22 Oct 2010

The same captain wrote in his log "port engine missing badly"
Tech guy wrote back, "I will go and have a look for it, where have you come from".


  JSnow 23:16 21 Jan 2011

click here

Download the driver. Unzip and choose your OS. Toshiba has poor support in this matter and quite a few others. Still this is the 4th Toshiba I've own, I buy them for both for Quality and Value. The Firmware linkage driver is was meant to be used for Toshiba's Password Security Utilty. But they based it on a set of serial numbers to if you don't have it then the new OS will fail to load the linkage driver.

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