Toshiba L305 won't boot DBAN from USB dvd drive

  Westyboy 20:12 03 Sep 2013

Hi folks

I'm trying to resurrect an old tosh l305 and have hit a brick wall!

I've put in a new hard drive as the old one failed, the dvd drive is not working so i used a usb dvd drive (Samsung) to reinstall Windows Vista basic. All was going well but for some reason the laptop switched off half way through installation (i determined this was because the charger pin had come lose so the battery must have drained).

When switched on i now get the dreaded boot manager is missing ctrl alt delete message. I figured the hdd is corrupted so i burnt the DBAN iso file to disk on another laptop, when i try to boot from the usb dvd it just won't load the DBAN file. The drive is spooling up but all i keep getting is the same boot mgr message. The boot order is usb first but it seems once the boot sequence reaches the hdd the usb dvd has run out of time to run the file.

Is there any way to get around this short of buying another hdd?

New here so thanks in advance for any input �/p>


  northumbria61 21:19 03 Sep 2013

Anything here to help? enter link description here

  Westyboy 03:55 04 Sep 2013

Thanks for the reply, will take a look and let you know how i get on �/p>

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