Torrents are not downloading, need help.

  Gav37! 09:46 15 Apr 2018

My torrents are not downloading. Stuck on 0% with no ETA. Torrents are fine and have plenty of seeds. Was working fine for years now this. I have uninstalled/reinstalled. Tried diff clients and diff torrents. I have recently changed internet suppliers but i dont see how this would affect it. I needed to change the port on my nbn box for the new supplier and i cant remember if i have downloaded any torrents while with the new supplier. Any help/info appreciated. Thanks

  martd7 12:12 15 Apr 2018

Are you blocked by your ISP?

  Gav37! 12:36 15 Apr 2018

The sites are not blocked as i can find and choose 2 download my torrents. I have a chrome VPN also. I dont see how ISP can block a torrent....? Yes they can block sites if using your own VPN but still i can open pages find torrent and click magnet 2 download but it just doesnt.... is this an ISP block with the new supplier? Thx

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