too many partitions on disk

  chocwow 08:57 23 Sep 2015

Apologies if this is a repeat. My Windows 10 is an upgrade to my SSD Drive 0. It now has 7 partitions none of which I created. Picture at *click here Partition 1 -:/ 300 MB healthy (recovery partition) Partition 2 -:/ 260 MB healthy (EFI system partition) Partition 3 f:/ 6.35GB healthy (primary partiton was D:/recovery) Partition 4 c:/ 215.23GB healthy (windows, boot, page, dump etc) Partition 5 -:/ 450MB healthy (recovery partition) Partition 6 -:/ 450MB healthy (recovery partition) Partition 7 -:/ 450MB healthy (recovery partition)

I made a recovery USB stick and windows 10 replaced the recovery partition with f:/ partition. How can I get rid of these unwanted partitions and make the c:/ partition bigger?? I did an Acronis restore which put the original d:/ recovery partition back which I didn't even tick. I have a separate 2TB drive for date, many thanks for any help.

  Verki 10:01 23 Sep 2015

The picture is not available. You need to keep the Partition 5 -:/ 450MB healthy (recovery partition) Partition , and you can delete the rest recovery partitions. and add the unallocated space to C: drive. all these can be done with a freeware AOMEI Partition Assistant.for more information about Recovery partitions after upgrading Windows

  chocwow 10:11 23 Sep 2015

Sorry, here's the link disk

  LisaLiao 07:44 25 Sep 2015

Hi there. It is really easy to merge two partitions into one partition with the help of Minitool Partition Wizard. You can find several articles that specifies operation in details here: click here

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