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Today I cannot access windows updares

  john bunyan 12:12 30 Jan 2019

I get the following when I try to update windows 10

I have verified internet connection.

  Al94 16:17 04 Feb 2019

Absolutely dreadful that we are now in day 7 of this issue with no proper solution from either Microsoft or affected ISPs. Imagine the number of computers without updates to Windows Defender worldwide never mind ordinary updates.

  john bunyan 17:00 04 Feb 2019

I would be interested in an input from FE on this matter. It seems somewhat under reported in the media and , I suspect, many PC owners would be lacking in confidence to try the fix

  alanrwood 19:03 04 Feb 2019

DNS has nothing to do with Microsoft. The DNS system works by propagating IP details throughout all the worlds DNS servers so it can often take quite a time to do so. The DNS servers are not controlled or owned by Microsoft.

  john bunyan 09:16 05 Feb 2019

Maybe, but if so why is this the first time this anomaly has been so widely experienced?

  Al94 09:40 05 Feb 2019

It appears that the issue has been resolved and that Windows update is now working with the default settings.

  john bunyan 09:53 05 Feb 2019


Thanks for that. Still very little explanation or publicity from MS.

  Al94 17:35 05 Feb 2019

Just posted on the BT Forum

Re: Windows update problems Hi Everyone, Thanks very much for your continued patience while this issue was worked out and apologies for the lack of comment from us here on Community. We have received confirmation that this issue has been fixed. Yesterday afternoon BT instigated a call with Microsoft so that we could assist them in their investigation. The issue was down to some bad domain names (for Microsoft updates). Microsoft resolved this issue from their end and then BT forced a cache flush across all our DNS thus resolving the issue for our customers. Microsoft released a statement which has been published on the ISP review article, The statement reads “The Windows Update service was impacted by a data corruption issue in an external DNS service provider global outage on January 29, 2019. The issue was resolved on the same day and Windows Update is now operating normally, but a few customers have continued to report issues connecting to the Windows Update service. We expect these issues will go away as downstream DNS servers are updated with the corrected Windows Update DNS entries.” Please let us know if anyone using a BT connection is still having problems. Cheers

  Gordon Freeman 18:17 05 Feb 2019

Currently also on BT (until switch to Plusnet is complete) and have removed the temp DNS 8-8-8-8 and 8-8-4-4 settings, & can confirm the win updates are now back working at this end.

  Govan1x 22:03 12 Feb 2019

More Windows updates tonight JB

  john bunyan 22:17 12 Feb 2019


Thanks; on iPhone at the mo, will check tomorrow. I’ll try leaving desktop on new settings and put laptop back to original to see how it goes!

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