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Today I cannot access windows updares

  john bunyan 12:12 30 Jan 2019

I get the following when I try to update windows 10

I have verified internet connection.

  john bunyan 08:21 01 Feb 2019

The bleeping computer link from Al94 shows how spasmodic and widespread is this problem. In effect I think MS did a new clean install of 1809 on my desktop, but also changed the DNS profile as in the article. Also I use Defender, the update of which is also mentioned in the article. I will monitor my desktop that is now fully up to date, but leave the laptop to see if MS updates sort themselves out . All in all a very confusing matter

  john bunyan 08:25 01 Feb 2019

PS The other factor mentioned is that ,as I did after updating to 1809 months ago, was using disk cleanup to delete the windows.old folder.

  Al94 09:15 01 Feb 2019

I'm heading away for the weekend so won't be looking at this till I get back (hopefully resolved by then). I see it's being discussed on the BT forum so might be worth keeping an eye on BT Forum

  john bunyan 15:13 01 Feb 2019

Looking at all the input, the long winded procedure that MS did on my desktop was too complicated. On my laptop, using the bleeping computer link, I changed my network adapter DNS settings to Primary 8 8 8 8 and alternate to 8 8 4 4 . Closed and retried and the .Net Framework and the KB4476976 came in with no trouble. Therefore if anyone still has this problem I would recommend doing the same. I now have version .292 on my laptop with no faffing about with windows.old etc. A great pity that MS have not communicated this more widely.

  john bunyan 15:28 01 Feb 2019

This link explains it


  john bunyan 15:13 02 Feb 2019


Did you locate your network adapter from the link. Not the hub, but the adapter that connects to the internet . It is the properties on this where the changes can be made

  john bunyan 15:24 02 Feb 2019

Also this link is worth a read.

change adapter settings

  john bunyan 17:05 02 Feb 2019

No, you put them in manually and save

  john bunyan 17:25 02 Feb 2019


Glad it worked ! The whole thing seems under reported , and MS seem slow to sort it. Thanks for feedback , some don’t bother !!

  alanrwood 10:42 03 Feb 2019

Also more info

click here

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