Today I cannot access windows updares

  john bunyan 12:12 30 Jan 2019

I get the following when I try to update windows 10

I have verified internet connection.

  Gordon Freeman 19:09 31 Jan 2019

Yep, I changed the search parameters to 'past 24 hours', brought up loads of entries.

  Al94 20:22 31 Jan 2019

I have installed KB4476976 from the link JB supplied, installed ok but still have the update error message

  john bunyan 20:38 31 Jan 2019


MS took control of my PC so I did not follow every step. I was left with what looked like a full windows 10 installation running; it did not look like a normal update, but more like the full install, but I noticed it went on shutting th pc on and off and then running updates. It said things like We are getting you pc ready etc

  Al94 20:46 31 Jan 2019

Was it a fresh install. did you loose everything?

  john bunyan 20:58 31 Jan 2019

No ; it looked like it - I did make a Macrium image of my C drive as a precaution but all was well, a bit like the 1809 update itself. Did yours end up with a Windows.old folderas mine did?

  Al94 21:29 31 Jan 2019

Not that I can see - they must have done more than just install KB4476976

  john bunyan 21:42 31 Jan 2019

Interesting. Maybe it was some kind of a repair install? ISO? I was sceptical as the agent was so quick. It has all the appearances of an install of windows 10 but allowed computer use while it was going on. I worried about losing apps like Photoshop but all was well.

  Al94 21:45 31 Jan 2019

Spotted this click here Seems to be a common problem and I'm too tired to concentrate. Will leave it a few days and see if it resolves itself.

  john bunyan 21:58 31 Jan 2019

Well done on that link. I noticed MS did reset the DNS ? or whatever. Will study it tomorrow, like you. Thanks for the dialogue!

  qwbos 00:43 01 Feb 2019

I received KB4476976 through a manual check for updates on or shortly after 23/01/19. No problems encountered during or after installation, and I don't have a windows.old file.

I'm wondering if it's because I did a clean install of 1809.

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