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Today I cannot access windows updares

  john bunyan 12:12 30 Jan 2019

I get the following when I try to update windows 10

I have verified internet connection.

  john bunyan 15:42 31 Jan 2019


In the end I contacted Microsoft and allowed access. To cut a long story short there is a new major update in progress (KB4476976) My PC's were on Windows 10 (os Build 17763.253). After we installed the new version : Build 17763.292, it all works OK. Here is a link:


This is a major update and creates a windows.old folder. Make sure you have enough spare HD space (windows.old is 4.4 Gig)

Maybe those who had no problems had this update already - if so don't forget to reset restore points.

On my slow internet the whole thing took a long time. I leave it to those here to decide whether to get on with it now or wait for MS. It was dates 22Jan so maybe is being rolled out. Surprised DR Google did not mention it!!

  rickf 15:54 31 Jan 2019

Just updated 1809 on 2 laptops smoothly. Strange.

  Gordon Freeman 15:57 31 Jan 2019

Well done jb, & thanks for the providing a situation update. Unfortunately I'm not on 1809 build on this machine (still 1803 17134.556) so your link won't apply to me. Pleased you got yours resolved however. Happy days.

  john bunyan 16:03 31 Jan 2019

Thanks all. I am going to leave the laptop to await the normal roll out of KB4476976. Sorry to have raised a hare!!

rickf: what build is your 1809?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:54 31 Jan 2019

Still on 253 check for updates produces nothing on desktop PC?

  john bunyan 17:18 31 Jan 2019


I think this new version is rolling out. I have left 253 on laptop to await normal offer. I was determined to get to the bottom of the red warning I posted and in the end a MS advisor took control and set up KB 4476986 to install. I wonder if anyone yet has v 292? Unless you have spare time I suggest waiting for the roll out. Just annoying that there is no mention of this solution on Google

  john bunyan 17:19 31 Jan 2019

PS the above applies to my desktop

  Gordon Freeman 18:17 31 Jan 2019

Loads of google items on this...have sifted through a few & there's some suggestion that it could be BT-related...they're my current ISP. If true, then it maybe explains why only some of us are affected.

Google search

  Gordon Freeman 18:20 31 Jan 2019
  john bunyan 18:46 31 Jan 2019

*Gordon Freeman *

I had seen those, but none were recent. I tried all the recommendations before posting the thread. I suspect all will sort itself out soon via updates

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