The Time Showing on PC Clock

  LimestoneRock 09:01 01 Apr 2018

I back up daily to three different external drives in turn. The back up takes 19 minutes - let's say it starts at 8.28am and finishes at 8.47am. However, the time shown against the completed backup drive shows 9.47am ie one hour and nineteen minutes! The PC clock in notification area and the clock in BIOS show the same time ie 8.28am at start and 8.47am at finish. Can anyone please explain this anomaly - it happens no matter what external drive I use?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:20 01 Apr 2018

Looks like your backup software has not changed to daylight saving hours

what backup software are you using?

  LimestoneRock 14:08 01 Apr 2018

Acronis. I have never had this sort of problem before - I have been using Acronis for about 15 years

  wiganken2 19:40 01 Apr 2018

You are running Windows OS only I assume? I ask this because if you were running Windows - Linux dual boot system then Linux uses two clocks and when you switch back to Windows the Windows clock get's confused and takes a little while to correct itself. If it does this correction whilst you are running a backup this may cause the issue. Also I assume you are using the "" Internet time server?

  LimestoneRock 17:40 07 Apr 2018

I am very sorry, wiganken2, for not having responded to your suggestion - it seems very rude of me but my hospitalisation was not foreseen. I have looked into your comments and searched for info on I was using this but I have now changed it to and I will find out tomorrow whether this does the trick. I do use only one OS and I have also discovered that my laptop has the same problem when backing up.

  LimestoneRock 09:19 08 Apr 2018

I am afraid that did not work. Backup is still showing one hour ahead.

  mrcalif 09:41 08 Apr 2018
  mrcalif 09:57 08 Apr 2018

BTW. Very strange that when LimestoneRock mentions Arconis in his/her third post on the subject, a link appears.

Mine doesn't seem to have that link as of now.

As in Click Here

  mrcalif 10:00 08 Apr 2018

Acronis Acronis Acronis

Carphone Warehouse Carphone Warehouse Carphone Warehouse

Nope. Won't do it.

  mrcalif 10:01 08 Apr 2018

Ahh. Carphone Warehouse did it.

  lotvic 16:05 09 Apr 2018

mrcalif, They are called 'skimlinks'

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