Time and my computer.

  tristar16 13:38 07 Mar 2012

Hi. I am running a Packard Bell desktop,model BV ixtremeX9610 with Win7 home premium. A couple of times I have fired it up and the displayed time in the task bar has been wrong. Also have a clock widget on the desktop page which is about 5 hours out. Emails have time stamps which are way out. This sounds like a CMOS battery problem to me, but when I asked a 'Tech guy' from Packard Bell and enquired which battery type I need he assured me that the machine didn't have one! I have reset the clock using the bios - but the widget clock is still wrong. Time zones checked, OK. Must admit, haven't actually checked motherboard yet, but feel sure there MUST be a CMOS battery there. Would appreciate advice.

  johndrew 16:20 07 Mar 2012

I would be very surprised if there was no CMOS battery on the motherboard. I know Amiga used rechargeable batteries but know of no Windows PC that has ever used them.

There are two options both involve opening the case so disconnect from the mains power first.

Look at the motherboard for a battery. Generally found near the bottom and it looks like a small silver disk.

You could also examine the motherboard for its identity, usually a manufacturer and part number of some sort on a clear area of the board. Having found this do a search for it online and look for a picture or battery replacement instructions.

  tristar16 16:37 07 Mar 2012

Thank you Johndrew, I like the idea of looking up motherboard! I'll try that later and get back to you.

Regards, tristar3

  tristar16 19:16 07 Mar 2012

I found a site that could help me. I'm assured that it's the good old 2032, so I even have a spare ready!

Thanks again for your help, using the motherboard make would never have occurred to me. I'm just surprised that the Packard Bell Tech guy didn't know!



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