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Thunderbird show messages to all addresses.

  hastelloy 08:46 23 Jul 2020

I have 3 email accounts. all set up on Thunderbird. Is it possible to get all messages from all addresses shown at the same time?

  alanrwood 10:15 23 Jul 2020


You need to change the location of the messages folders in the Account settings, Copies and Folders. Set them all to save in "Local Folders".

All accounts will then download to Local Folders inbox and you can set up mailboxes as you then wish in Local Folders to store the emails from specific senders (POP3).

  hastelloy 13:30 23 Jul 2020

Thanks for that but when I go into Account Settings I get options for sending messages, archiving and Drafts and Templates.

I can't see how to set to save in Local Folders.

  hastelloy 13:31 23 Jul 2020

I missed out Copies and Folders.

  alanrwood 18:38 23 Jul 2020

Not sure what you are experiencing but the settings I was referring to are in "Copies and Folders". Just set everything to "Local Folders and restart T/B.

  hastelloy 09:15 24 Jul 2020

I go to Options, Account Settings, Copies and Folders. I then have the option of putting sent messages, Message Archives and Drafts and Templates into Local Folders but these don't put incoming messages all in the same place regardless of which address they're sent to.

  hastelloy 09:19 24 Jul 2020

Just found a setting above the Folders column - Unified Folders. This solved the problem. Many thanks for your time and trouble.

  wee eddie 09:48 24 Jul 2020

I have several eMail addresses for a simple purpose. To separate different parts of my life. 5 in all:~ Personal Friends, Charities, Hobbies, Net Trade and Business.

Actually, Business and Net Trade used to have separate addresses but when I retired I ditched Yahoo, and combined the two.

Each is accessible by a single click and, to my way of thinking, keeping them in separate compartments is advantageous as each requires a slightly different mindset.

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