Thunderbird backup will not restore

  griffon56 14:00 27 Nov 2015

Before installing Win 10, Thunderbird and Firefox were backed up using the free Mozbackup program. After installation the backup did not restore because the profile details were erased in the Win 10 'upgrade'. Is there any way of getting round this problem, please?

I know where the backedup info is on an external drive but I can't get it back into the new email and browser progs. It's very important to get this restoration, there are current legal things which can't be recalled unless the original emails are seen.

The mails are no longer on the ISP server because I was using, and have always used, the POP3 protocol for emails which removes them from the ISP's server once downloaded. I'd be deeply grateful for help on this one.

  griffon56 17:21 29 Nov 2015

Hi All,

This is to say that a relative fixed this problem yesterday and now all is well. However, in case anyone else has the same problem here is the solution.

When Mozbackup is used to backup T'bird and Firefox, it associates each backup with a Profile kept in the AppData folder on the computer. It restores to this Profile if T'bird and Firefox have not been changed in the meantime. If they are deleted tho', say by an upgrade to Win 10, and then re-installed and used at all before a Restore is attempted, they will have a new Profile identity and the back-up will not recognise it.

To get a Restore it's essential not to use either of the progs before attempting it, and then to Restore to 'Default' as the choice in the Restore box. The computer will immediately create a new Profile identity to which the back-up file will restore - no problem.


  griffon56 19:06 05 Dec 2015

The difficulty I came across was that if you used Mozbackup and then somehow lost the profile from which you had backed up, and, in the meantime, had created another, like having to do a reset after trying to roll back from Win 10 to Win 7, and then using a re-installation of T'bird before restoring the back-up, it wasn't possible to restore to the old profile. Try it.

  robin_x 20:23 05 Dec 2015

I have used Mozbackup for a few years.

I have never (or very rarely) had a problem with it and Firefox.

However I have noticed, sometimes it only restores 3 out of 8 email accounts, say.

Maybe it is because the default profile identity has changed, as in your case.

Since I keep multiple Macrium System Images, I just copy the T'bird folders from a Mounted Image back to my main drive.

A little bit of a faff but it works.

IMAP servers have so far proved reasonably reliable and LastPass keeps all my Logins, so setting up T'bird again is not too bad.

(I also export all my logins to an encrypted file every now and again too)

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