Is there a diagnostic test within W7 for testing USB Ports?.

  spuds 18:55 11 Jun 2014

I have just fitted a new 4 port USB3 card to my W7 computer spare slot motherboard.

There was a message saying the device was working 'successful' after installation, yet on occasions another message seems to indicate that the new device or the other USB2 card as a problem. The USB2 is 3 ports with equipment attached, and all seems fine?.

Is there a diagnostic tool within Windows 7 for checking this, or alternatively any suggestions for checking?.

  spuds 16:21 12 Jun 2014

"What is the other message you are getting?". Not sure now, but suspect that it was that the device was not connected or working ?.

I have just run a test using a simple usb plug-in 5 led light on all 5 ports on the new card, and the item seems 'dead' on all ports. Doing the same test on this and other computer's with USB1 or USB2 ports and they all light the test light up.But I already knew those were working with other devices.

Going to get a new 4+1 USB2 PCI card, and see if that works straight from the motherboard.If it does, then that will be the answer perhaps?.

  spuds 16:51 12 Jun 2014

I have power hubs, but haven't used any since resolving a problem with a printer, quite a long time ago. I thought USB3 (at time of purchasing pci card) would be a better option for spare ports on the W7 computer, but alas might not be now?.

One ting that baffles me slightly, is the new card came with a mini driver disk. I have had these type of disks previously, but never used the, because the computer automatically 'set' the card or other devices up. Hence request about diagnostic testing.

  spuds 15:58 13 Jun 2014

Been involved a little more with this item. It would appear that the item is intended to work with W7 32bit and not 64bit. Contacted other suppliers and they seem to say the same?.

Now waiting confirmation from another supplier, and whether the driver disk supplied (with options) will help!.

  spuds 16:56 14 Jun 2014

Eventually got the issue resolved, it doesn't auto install but needs the mini disk to install the pci. The disk contained a selection of 4 drivers to use, depending on chipset and build.

Supplier suggested the one to use, plus gave other helpful information including links to the manufacturer website and YouTube. Following that information it was very easy to get the item working. Was also very impressed by eBay supplier on their customer service, including answering questions today, when their office was suppose to have been closed for the weekend.

What I did find very strange, was W7 'saw' the new item, checked for latest drivers, then stated the item was working okay (it wasn't, but hopefully it is now - longterm)?.

Will tick resolved.

  woodchip 17:52 15 Jun 2014

You Can overpower USB Fuse on the Motherboard, a New card will not correct this if its blown the fuse as they are not replaceable

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