Test your PC for vista compatibility

  skidzy 22:49 11 Sep 2006

We all know there is plenty of talk about Vista,how does your system measure up ?

Here is a tool that we help you find out if your system needs upgrading click here

However i ran the tool and found a few little problems.

I have HD Audio (High-Definition)and apparently Vista is not compatible with this ? I find that a little strange,maybe this is to come.(i have not researched this) click here

I could also post several images with many other so called incompatibilities regarding household named programs and hardware,such as

Intel PROSet Wireless

J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
McAfee Personal Firewall Plus

And many others.

Maybe this is just MS being a little over cautious.

I totally understand there will be months of teething problems,but if this tool is anything to go by...........I shall certainly wait a while,a long while !!!

Im sure some will find the tool handy,even if its curosity.

  josie mayhem 23:52 11 Sep 2006

I think the sad thing about teething problems is the lack of input by vendors...

Big companies like ATI, Nivida are at M$ working with there vista team to get systems/drivers working....

But then you get companies like HP who say they aren't going to release any Vista driver until after Vista is released....

and then you get companies like Creative Labs, yes they tried but with little success, at the moment the last release from them did get you sound, in my case my Audigy 4, on testing will play 5.1 sound but in realaitiy I get 2.1, because the up mixer like EAX,CMSS function do not work, and they seem to be very sluggish about release and very little information of any release concerning extending drivers for full function....

For people who suffer low memory, Vista has a memoryboast ultitiy, that uses a usb flash memory drive to up caperbillity, but it needs to be of a certain speed or above, and at this point it is a bit hit and miss becasue this isn't marked on drives....

But I do think that drivers from vendors will be coming out quicker, due to the mass release of testing RC1 ect, most beta testers are very computer savvy, and can find a way around bugs ect. will inform M$ and vendors of these bugs and wait for a solution. But with RC1 being release to almost anyone who wants to try.... there is going to be a lot of pushing/harrassing for drivers that work....

So with the mass release not only are vendors going to be pushed for drivers to work there kit, but the bugs that are always in a system will become apparent more quickly and be resloved before the final realease hopefully giving joe public a better kick off than any other release!

  Ade_1 21:09 12 Sep 2006

Skidzy, I dont think it will be the same for all High Definition Audio. However I have High Definition Audio which I personally cant see as I only have an integrated sound card, but mine was compatible. Just to let you know my integrated sound is SigmaTel Audio (just in case its any help to you).

But obviously like you say your going to need to research it to be 100% sure.


  skidzy 21:23 12 Sep 2006

Thanks for the replies Josie and ade_1

Hi ade_1

Are you using a Dell by any chance ? Just checked through Belarc and i have the same sound card as you,strange mine isnt compatible,maybe its a missing codec update...who knows !

I wonder how reliable this advisory tool really is.

Like i said in the Fe's thread,its going to be interesting reading of the various issues and problems when Vista finally arrives in release form.

  bluto1 23:25 12 Sep 2006

I`ve just tried your suggested test, wondering what it was going to cost me, and was pleasantly surprised to find green ticks all over the place with a warning to get updated drivers for my SpeedTouch. My ancient equipment,built by him, and inherited from my brother consists of
AMD Athlon CPU 800 MHz, 512MB RAM, and 2X 40 GB HDD`s. I truly thought that I was looking at the expense of a new PC.

  skidzy 23:31 12 Sep 2006

Well Bluto that really does surprise me,i wonder if you will get the same results if you tried in a week or two.

I have a new Inspiron 6400 lappy and many many issues regarding drivers mainly, according to the Advisory Tool.

I will run the tool again next week and see if any thing has changed.

Thankyou for your thoughts Bluto.

  bluto1 19:36 13 Sep 2006

I`ll run it again next week from this thread, and post back.

  Xaba 05:46 19 Sep 2006

There are two interested article

"A simple way to create a Windows Vista x64 test environment"
click here

"Upgrade a 32-bit computer into a 64-bit one"
click here

  terryf 22:22 21 Sep 2006

I ran the test but it didn't like my adaptec 2902e scsi interface card to an old but very serviceable Epson GT7000 scanner that currently runs fine inwinxp useing win2k drivers. Hope this doesn't have to be binned. Adaptec site doesn't seem to want to know about vista drivers for this card

  skidzy 22:32 21 Sep 2006

Ive run this test on 3 pc's now and the list is endless of non-compatible drivers and programs.

I understand its early days,but i really do wonder how long it will take to come upto speed with these problems.

  Sethhaniel 09:46 22 Sep 2006

you have to have web connectin for the tool to work - no good for stand alone pc's with no internet connection ;(

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