Temporary profile on start up

  [email protected] 17:39 03 Sep 2013

When starting up Windows 8, a message appears 'Preparing Windows'. This lasts for a few minutes. The start-up menu appears showing 'Desktop', 'Internet Explorer' and 'Store'. If I click on 'Desktop' a reduced number of icons appear with the message 'Signed in with temporary profile.' I am also unable to access any files. The message suggests that I 'try again later'. This has happened on a few occasions and, until now, corrects itself when I 'try again later'. How do I eliminate this shortcoming

  steviekm 18:40 03 Sep 2013


This is a well known issue with windows 7; surprised to hear that you're having problems with windows 8 which as yet hasn't affected my main (windows 8)pc. I had this 2 or 3 times with my windows 8 laptop and the problem was caused by a the personal profile info stored by windows becoming corrupt. The only thing that I could put it down to at the time was that I was in the habit of closing the laptop lid BEFORE it had finished closing down. I found that the only real time saving way to sort it out was to back up everything important and then re-install etc. Since I got in the habit of allowing my laptop to close down properly before closing the lid I haven't had this issue for about 8-9 months now. Not saying that this is what has caused your problems; but I've had no problems since then.Hope this helps- and good luck!!

  steviekm 18:43 03 Sep 2013

whoops --- laptop runs windows 7 not 8-- sorry!

  [email protected] 16:16 04 Sep 2013

I think that you have hit the nail on the head. I also must have closed the laptop lid before closing down Windows. I was away for a few days and, when I returned, I opened the lid and Windows automatically started booting up – I presume it must have been in ‘sleep’ mode. I then did the ‘try again later’ thing quite a few times but with no success – UNTIL I closed down completely and left my laptop alone for a few hours. When I then ‘tried again’ everything was back to normal. I’m only guessing but I can’t help feeling that this is a heat related problem. It would appear that when Windows gets overheated it tries to protect by only allowing minimal access. I have also found that my PC slows down when the weather is on the hottish side. This I seem to have overcome by raising my laptop a few centimeters on small blocks to provide better air circulation. The joys of living in a sub-tropical climate!

  steviekm 10:14 05 Sep 2013

Always something to worry about with pc's...

If you're having issues with your laptop running warm/hot, why not get a laptop cooling pad for it to sit on. They just plug into a usb port to power the built in fans.Both my wife and daughter have one and they no longer have similar issues with their laptops no matter how warm the weather. They are widely available;PC World, Amazon and eBay just for starters. Again, good luck!

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