TBR Protocol

  newcomputeruser 16:58 22 Apr 2009

I have tried so many forums and ask for help everywhere with this problem! Please HELP me get this figured out!!!!! When I try to go to different sites while surfing the web I often get this error message and I can't get around it and I want to access these sites. How do I correct this problem. I am told I can't get to the site because of the TBR Protocol issue? Can anyone help? Any help is appreciated more than you know!

  Woolwell 17:13 22 Apr 2009

It may help if you tell us how you connect to the internet - wired/wireless, dial-up/broadband, which ISP, if a router is used which router, what anti-virus you have and what firewall. Which browser?
Have you tried Firefox and IE?

  Kevscar1 17:47 22 Apr 2009

Have you tried putting it in your search engine.
Mine gives 50000 results the first being repair TBR Protocol

  newcomputeruser 20:43 23 Apr 2009

I connect with a shared netgear router thru our cable company. I have a Inspiron 1501 laptop runnng Vista Home Basic 32 bit. I use Fix It for protection,cleanup, all those things. My connection is wireless. I use the firewall that came installed with my computer. (Windows) I use Windows Internet Explorer just updated. No, I haven't tried Firefox but, I will and see what happens? Any other info you may need please let me know. I have tried putting it in my search engine. I'm new with this so, I'm not sure how to decide what result to try? I am worried I'll really mess my computer up so, I wanted to ask people who know what to do before I try anything. Thank You so much for your help! Have a great day!

  Woolwell 22:28 23 Apr 2009

I am not familiar with Fix It. I don't think that it is one of the top anti-virus products but I could be wrong.

Have you tried connecting your laptop by ethernet cable to the router and seeing if you get the same problem with sites? This would let you discover whether it is a wireless problem or not.

  brundle 03:16 24 Apr 2009

Do you have the Crawler toolbar installed? If so, close all browser windows and uninstall it. click here

Fixit is one of those all-in-one system care tools. Only ever seen it installed on one machine myself, it appeared to duplicate functions Windows already provides and slowed the whole machine down...

  techieguy22 14:07 03 Oct 2010

<a href="click here">Protocol TBR</a> establishes a means of checking senders and recipients. It helps reduce the heavy network loads imposed on servers because of spam. The site you are trying to access might be heavily spammed, or might be deemed of being abusive in sending spam emails.

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