Task manager, start menu, none of it works

  Spartan2005 17:21 09 Mar 2018

Hello, I have a Lenovo laptop. I'd give you the specifications but I can't access the control panel right now. It's windows 10, I know that much.

Recently my computer has developed a set of very worrying trends and has broken in several areas specific to windows services.

  • I cannot open the start menu. If I click the button or the search bar next to it, the PC does nothing.

  • Task manager refuses to launch

  • I cannot run any program in Administrative mode

  • Probably most annoying, if I leave the computer for a while and it sleeps, when I try to wake it up again it does not give me a password prompt and keeps me out. Meaning I have to restart the PC all over again.

Sorry for bad grammar, I'm on a phone right now. Thank you.

  Spartan2005 17:32 09 Mar 2018

Disregard... It seemed to fix itself ?...

  Spartan2005 18:40 09 Mar 2018

This is probably very annoying for people who are on this forum, but the problem has once again appeared. It's honestly very frustrating, and seems to be completely arbitrary. I dunno what I did to fix it for the small time that it worked.

  wee eddie 19:12 09 Mar 2018


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:05 10 Mar 2018

start - settings - update and security - recovery - reset (choose the option to retain your data.

That should make windows replace all system files with new ones.

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