system restore,help please.

  misty72 20:49 28 Feb 2009

My sons laptop has crashed so i tried doing a system restore but it tells me no restore points have been created to open system protection to create one.

When i do this i dont see were i can create a restore point!

Any advice.

  MAJ 21:58 28 Feb 2009

Right-click on "Computer", choose Properties, click "System Protection", then tick the drive you want to create a Restore Point for, then click the "Create" button. click here

  Kevscar1 15:53 01 Mar 2009

You cannot do a restore if no points have been made. You can only do one now to help with future problems

  Pineman100 18:46 01 Mar 2009

As Kevscar has said, if it's been turned off then System Restore won't be any help with your current problem.

Try using Last Known Good Configuration.

click here

  misty72 15:34 02 Mar 2009

ok thanks.
Didnt know you had to create youre own restore points, didnt have to do that with xp.

  Teaboy 17:09 02 Mar 2009


Wrong,Vista has an improved restore point system, But if you wish to make a restore point you have to make one, just like XP.

  canarieslover 18:48 02 Mar 2009

Vista automatically makes a restore point when you install software and updates provided that System Restore is enabled. You can also manually create points at any time. If System Restore has been disabled, either intentionally or by a virus or malware, then you end up not having any restore points to select. I have just checked my System Restore and have eleven points during the last eight days. I know that information does you no good at this time but when you clean the machine of it's nasties then you know that, provided you enable it, System Restore will be doing it's job.

  Pineman100 18:50 02 Mar 2009

Teaboy - surely you can set the Task Scheduler to create a System Checkpoint at automatic intervals.

I suspect that's how misty72's XP was doing it.

  misty72 21:52 02 Mar 2009

Thanks all for your advice,

Think i will need to take the laptop in to be sorted, its way beyond me this one.

Oh and teaboy, wrong, i never had to make a restore point with xp, i could always just restore it when needed.
Probably as pineman100 said.

  Teaboy 17:06 03 Mar 2009


I didn't know that. Thaks for the imfo, and I will check it out. One learns something new all the time.


I withdraw my comments, with apololgies.

  pcrec 07:50 05 Mar 2009

ALL operating system make restore point itself when we appear a new program that is according to operating system parameter and you can also create it.

but if we are facing any problem like you are facing now at that time we can not create any restore point in pc.

some software that can restore system while system has fully destroy but these all software are paid.

happy computing

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