System Restore questions

  p;3 15:23 21 Nov 2008

Some questions please

Assuming the original configuration has NOT been tampered with , how much Disk space is normally allocated for the System Restore data facility ?

also, assuming the computer has not been tampered with , how many System Restore points might one expect to find if the computer has been running for several months and taking on updates ?

Many thanks for hopeful input :))

  mfletch 16:14 21 Nov 2008


I think in Vista that the system restore is set to use %15 of the disc space so if you had a 100GB hard drive 15GB would be allocated for the system restore,

It could be full in 7 months but it will delete old restore points to make space for new ones,

How many depends on how much space is used on the hard drive

  ventanas 16:33 21 Nov 2008

Not so, the length of time Vista holds on to restore points is incredible.
Read some of these click here and then decide what you want to change.

Will you still need to do a system restore in 136 years time?

  mfletch 19:21 21 Nov 2008

They will not be kept for 136 years if they are over written by new restore points as they are when all the %15 of the disc has been used,

  mooly 08:00 22 Nov 2008

Has anyone else also noticed this,
click here

I have been wondering whether to disable restore points altogether. In fact I did for a few months, then could have done with it. But I do regular image backups anyway which if things go really wrong I prefer.
Back to the free space. I have been manually creating restore points to see how much space is used, and I estimate 200mB each time give or take.
I am still puzzled why the free space on the D partition comes down as well. Only the C is ticked for restore points.
Anyone noticed this on a single split drive. Anyone run disc cleanup on the D and run "more options - delete shadow copies etc " to free up the space.

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