System reinstall appears frozen

  ronec1 18:15 18 Feb 2015

I am in the process of reinstalling from a repair disc. I booted from CD and the command prompt widow opened. It then proceeded to do it's job of wiping partitions etc, but now appears to have frozen. There are no clicks or buzzes from the HDD or CD drive, and the HDD light is not glowing. The screen is as below. 'Waiting for ODD to become available.. ODD drive D:ready.. Check for medium in drive D.. Continue.. Drvload: Successfully loaded x:\windows\inf\battery.inf No RAID - continue normally.. Installation in progress.. Press any key to continue.. (I then pressed a key) x:windows\system32>_ ' It is frozen at this point, with a flashing cursor. If I need to restart the install, how do I get out of what is happening now, without wrecking the computer?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:51 18 Feb 2015

You appear to be in command prompt and the system is waiting for your next command.

Not sure if you can actually re-install from a repair disk.

What op system? make and model of PC?

  ronec1 20:02 18 Feb 2015

Hi. Okay, here goes. Toshiba laptop, running Vista. The hard drive is giving problems, so I removed a HDD from a compac and swapped them. I got the Toshiba running, but it is short of a few drivers. Probably swapping Compac into Toshiba. I have a Toshiba laptop running W7, so I am using the system recovery disc to try and update the Vista (clean install) to W7 and so, hopefully include the Toshiba drivers. Am I plucking at straws??

  robin_x 20:38 18 Feb 2015

You can't change Vista into W7.

If you are missing drivers you got to the Toshiba website, Support and Downloads and get them.

Is the W7 HDD a permanent transfer to the Vista machine?

Are you scrapping the W7 machine?

Where is the problem HDD?

  ronec1 21:05 18 Feb 2015

a) laptop 1, (Vista), has faulty mains transformer socket, so does not work. b) laptop 2, (Vista), Has coffee filled HDD, so does not work properly. c) laptop 3, (W7), my wife's good laptop. Removed good HDD from laptop 1. Fitted it in laptop 2. Using recovery disc from laptop 3. For no other reason than getting rid of Vista. Coffee filled HDD is back in laptop 1 just for storage.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:02 18 Feb 2015
  1. dc socket is repairable in laptop 1 just goole

  2. you cannot use a windows 7 repair disk from a compac to repair a toshiba.

  3. put the windows 7 laptop back together

  4. get a new HDD for the No.2 vista laptop you can download a vista ISO from here and drivers from the toshiba site

  robin_x 22:05 18 Feb 2015

If you put the HDD in your wife's machine you could restore to her W7 spec (if the DVD has a full copy of Windows on it and is not just a Recovery Disc that looks for a Recovery Partition).

Then you could delete all the drivers and put it back in the Vista machine and see if works.

If it did you would then have to buy a Windows 7 license.

  ronec1 22:23 18 Feb 2015

At the moment the computer is up to 20% loading W7, so keeping my fingers crossed. I will keep you informed as to whether it works. If so, it looks like a W7 Restore Disk will upgrade a Vista HHD. The Repair/Restore disc is from my wife's Toshiba and is upgrading a Toshiba. That is why I have done it this way. The HDD I am using is from the Compaq. Up to 75% at the moment.

  ronec1 23:48 18 Feb 2015

Thanks for your help guys, my computer is now up and running W7. It eventually got there. So, by using the 2 Recovery Disks I made, they have upgraded Vista to W7. It can be done!

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