System mechanic stopped Windows sidebar

  Python33 20:04 28 Apr 2010

Please help...
I recently installed the System Mechanic (Iolo) from issue 180 pc Advisor DVD, since installing it has removed my Windows Sidebar, i tried to ask Iolo help centre but i got a unhelpful generic reply that didnt solve anything,
Can anyone give step by step dummy guide to reinstate the sidebar.
Thanks in advance.

  ame 22:01 28 Apr 2010

Why don't you use System Restore to go back to a date before you installed System Mechanic? You won't lose any personal data files and the process is reversible. Best to start in Safe Mode (keep tapping F8 key as pc is starting up)to run System Restore as it sometimes doesn't work in normal windows mode due to firewalls, antivirus, etc.

  mooly 12:59 29 Apr 2010

If you type "sidebar" into Vista's own help and support link (in the start menu... click the orb) and look at frequently asked questions there is an option "how do I open sidebar" which should do it for you.

click here

Incidently, it's precisely this type of issue that caused me to reinstall Vista as a clean install and I vowed never ever to use any 3rd party cleanup/tuneups etc as I had various unexplained odd and downright weird issues over the months. I put the blame on CCleaner registry cleaner (sorry I know everyone recommends it) but have to say all has been great without using anything other than built in Windows tools. And CC was the only 3rd party program I used.

  Python33 14:26 29 Apr 2010

Thanks Mooly
i will try your suggestion, i tend to agree now about 3rd party programs that take over, but thought that as it was from the PC Advisor mag i would be ok. rather foolishly.
It seemed all good when i ran it and it even still showed the sidebar but when rebooting it vanished. and the programmes website warns you about uninstalling could crash your OS unless done how they say. so warning to all viewers DONT instal System mechanic 9.

  mooly 18:49 29 Apr 2010

Did you get the sidebar back ?

  Python33 22:15 29 Apr 2010

No sadley it didnt work, i even went into the program and found the sidebar section and it said it was running but stopped, i clicked run but still isnt working. now trying to safely uninstal the program without destroying my OS.
Wish me luck....

  mooly 07:38 30 Apr 2010

Let us know how you get on.
Did system restore that ame suggested help at all ?

  Python33 11:02 01 May 2010

Mooly, fully uninstalled the program but still no sidebar, ame's advice didnt work for some reason. but i do appreciate their advice.
Looks like i need to clean format the whole bleeding machine now. but seeing as its nearly 2 years old i think its time for a new machine.

Once again thanks for your help and advice.

  mooly 11:22 01 May 2010

OK... :) Two years old, it's not even run in yet lol.

If you are reinstalling whether it be from a hidden partition (which most PC's.. laptops.. have to make it easy for you), or a disc, or even if you get a new machine, I would advise using something like Acronis to make YOUR OWN recovery image that has all Windows updates etc, and with everything all set up as you want, so if you ever need to reinstall you have a fully working image to hand.

And make at least weekly image backups as you use the PC... then you can play around with any software and really wreck everything ;) knowing a fully restored PC is only a click away.

  Python33 21:24 01 May 2010

Thanks for the advice mooly, i got a shock today i found the original reciept for my laptop, its slightly over 3 years. but i should have had more life left b4 needing a new 1. next PC will be a desktop, more room for upgrades ect.

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